Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It Works and Alaska Glacial Mud!!!

I'm doing another review! You know I'm a huge sucker for the miracle thing!! The first thing I have been trying is the Alaska Glacial Mud.  I saw the lady on the show Shark Tank. She's right here in Alaska and goes to the Copper River and get's the mud herself, does something to it to make it ok to put in a jar and then she ships it out.  The Copper River may sound familiar to you and that is because some of the salmon in your super market is from that river.  The River boasts of having the best minerals and all that good junk for you.  I went to Sam's Club the other day and noticed that the Copper River salmon was $3 more then the normal stuff and I believe that's because of what that river offers to the fish. Ok so what I know about this stuff is the water and dirt running off the glacier and then the natural working of the river (I know I'm not very technical) makes this mud rich with vitamins and minerals. I bought a 3.5 oz jar for about $40 (that's with shipping). I think it's pricey!! FOR SURE! I have used it about 7 times and I'm only half way through the jar so I guess if you line it up with other face masks ... 14 applications for $40 is ok.  BUT when I go down to the Copper River myself I just might have a large ziplock bag and get it myself for free. ;) I really like the mask I probably use it twice a month.  I will say this about it that I usually use it when I get that one painful blemish ... you know the ones I'm talking about and they just stay for days! After using the mask when that happens it's usually gone the next morning or at least by the end of the next day. I don't really think it makes my skin glow more or anything like that, but it exfoliates nicely and then, of course, clears my skin up nicely as well.
The next thing I tried is that new craze It Works. I used the Hair Skin Nails product.  It comes in pill form and you take 2 a day.  I don't like pills and I definitely don't like pills that have a smell. These don't smell bad, they smell like herbs. I just don't like pills with a smell to them. Before I give my review I need to say ... with ANY product you put in or on your body you need to do research. Most things like this aren't regulated and so that means you need to be more on your game. So do your research with things like supplements and shakes and all that stuff. I made sure I talked to my friend/consultant and I also looked up things for myself. Ok I have been taking them for 2 weeks and I wasn't sure I notices anything with my skin or hair. BUT my nails ... I like my nails short and I have had to cut them about 4 times already in this 2 week time period.  I did take a before and after photo of my hair. I wanted to make sure that it was the same both times. I used the same brush, my chin was parallel to the ground, right after the shower, it was even the same time of day. I can see growth. The main thing for me is my hair feels fuller. I have curly hair which takes longer to grow and is naturally thick. I did chop my hair off a year ago and the lady did such a crap job that she "thinned out" my hair with the scissors. Which is going into your hair and making some pieces shorter. So now it's full again. I like this product and probably with use it until my hair gets to a length I like. I will stop using it after that because the nails are just insane! I need short nails especially if I'm going to start up massaging again and I can't have them long.
SO I have 2 great products here I think. I like trying things to see if they are actually worth the money. I still can't get over $40 for 3.5 oz, but I think the cost works itself out at the end. With the HSN, I think it's pricey UNLESS you become a preferred customer and that just means for 3 months you're on automatic shipping. I'll probably be taking the pills for another month and then they have wraps and shakes to try. So yes all those photos on Facebook are probably true!

I was photo bombed in this one, but this is the first photo.
 This is the second photo

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