Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things I love ...

I love my new town for having AWESOME giveaways like their Mary Kay giveaway!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The moon circling Mars

So it’s not even noon yet and the day is not going very well or it is just plain ODD! I hurt my neck/back last night so I don’t have much mobility today.  I don’t even know what my house looks like outside of my bedroom.  Thank goodness my room opens up right into the living room. I was able to make breakfast and then that was it.  Buba has been hanging out with me most of the morning and then running into the living room and terrorizing the Mad Hatter, laughing the entire time.
I’m in bed and it was awfully quiet.  So I get up (slowly) and I look around and my kids are NO WHERE.  I look out back and the girls are sitting on the lawn chairs eating popsicles looking at something.  I look for what they are looking at and there is Buba ... stark ass naked running around in a circle while Lilly, out pekingese, following him.  The girls aren’t laughing or giggling.  They are just watching, licking their treat like this is normal behavior and an everyday thing.  I really should let him just run around naked outside.  I would save on diapers that way.  
I think this family may have a problem with underwear.  MH decided that sun dresses is her favorite thing to wear.  I figured whenever she wears them she doesn't wear underwear! Like today she ran in her and pulled her dress up to let me know she needed to go potty ... bare butt under the dress.  I guess she doesn't like panty lines, I don't know.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Struggles from Mars

I wondered how long it would take before I saw the effects of this lifestyle in my kids.  Mak has been very angry and mean lately.  She told me today she feels angry that she doesn’t get to see her dad everyday like her friends around here get to see their dads everyday.  I keep thinking “That’s Army Life” But it’s really not even Army life it's beyond Army life.  He’s always gone and when I was in I worked all the time so she’s only had one of us.  The other two have always had me as a constant, but Mak had either or, not really both.  I feel really bad for her.  She hit her sister in the hear with a stick today and I told her she needed to  go upstairs and sit for a minute.  I go up to her and ask her why she was so mad and getting angry so fast lately and she tells me she doesn’t know.  I told her to sit until she’s ready to talk to me because I can’t fix it unless I know what is going on.  I’m sitting reading my book and she sits next to me and says, “Mommy, the reason I’m so mad is because I can’t see my daddy right now” What do I say to that? I can’t fix THAT! She just gets me and dad when he’s not in training.  *sigh* All I know is this better pay off and failure is not an option.  You get one chance at this.  The hubs can’t fail because all this will be for nothing.  I can’t fail because my one job at this point in time is to raise happy, healthy kids.  AAHH! Stuggles of a mom ... Army wife raising Army Angels (i don’t like the term Army Brats).
On a lighter note Mak taught Buba to climb to the top of the stairs and climb all the way down by himself! She is an awesome big sister.  MH “learned” how to lotion herself up after a bath ... Let’s just say she won’t be needing lotion again for the next month an a half.  Well ONE leg won’t need lotion for the next month and a half.  She is CRAZY! Some times you just have to let the crazy come out. 
OH! An update on the arrest of the workers across the street! Apparently is was a TOTAL misunderstanding.  Although, a bunch of cop cars, either my town has nothing to do OR there was real cause for concern.  ANYWAY, the company that is building these homes told the workers if there is a newly built home with NO ONE living in them then the workers could take the bricks and/or extra supplies and use them on a house that is being built.  So I guess that’s what they were doing.  And a guy down the street saw them doing this and I guess THOUGHT he was blowing the whistle. They started working on the house again today. WHICH I’m totally upset about because it’s the SAME model as my house. GGRR!! I was the ONLY redwood on the entire street and now there’s one right across the street.  It’s almost like wearing the same ball gown as someone else at a military ball ... sooo annoying!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mars in the twilight zone!

So the kids got new bikes today and once it cooled down we were out front with the bikes.  The kids were having so much fun.  Buba even was working the motorized four-wheeler. There was construction going on across the street though.  There seemed to be a lot of workers considering it was about 8pm. We start winding down and my neighbor ... You know that type of neighbor ... always knows the goings on. Anyway, she drove up and said that I should keep an eye out because the guys kept looking over, she said she “got that feeling." LOL I said ok! I will watch out for them.  She drives off and less then 5 minutes go by and a cop pulls up. I thought since my car was in the street on one side and the construction workers trucks were on the other side, he would tell us to move our cars because there’s not much room to get through.  NOPE! He goes over to the workers (who were packing up at this time) and starts questioning them.  Next another cop shows up and she ARRESTS one of the workers and throws him in a cop car.  So I tell the girls to go inside and get water and watch cartoons! Then ANOTHER car shows up.  All this in my quiet neighborhood that we JUST moved into.  I go in with the kids ... and peak through the window LOL There’s about 4 cars with their lights on and all the neighbors in my driveway talking to my husband about what was going on.  Apparently, some of the workers have been stealing bricks out of peoples yard and using them on the houses they are building.  They eventually let that guy go.  I can’t believe it!! What excitement this evening! I really hope that something is done if this is true though.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My double life

Apparently I am living a double life that I had NO IDEA about! I go back home for my sisters wedding and to see my entire family basically.  For some reason my family has this idea that I am actually #1 Mom.  That I am supreme! They think I can do any craft, fix anything in a pinch and am fabulous while doing all these things.  I have NO IDEA who or what they are talking about! I am always an inch from my sanity, I make things work because it’s cheaper then going out and guying things and if I don’t have some sort of craft to keep my mind busy I would defiantly loose my mind!
I got a really nice email today ... My kids decided to wake me up by throwing their dolls on me.  I am NOT a morning person, but the email was saying that my kids do craziness like that because they are that comfortable with me and they were so excited to start their day.  I am sure that is true, but I was SO MAD! 
On Another note, The Mad Hatter is NOT a nap type person like almost every child.  So lately we have been starting the no nap stage, but some times she just needs one.  She grabbed Maks glasses and threw them in a rage.  I put her in my bed and she is SCREAMING bloody murder. She finally quiets down and falls asleep.  During this quiet time I decided to start painting my kitchen.  I get a good 2 hours in and I hear my door swing open and MH storms out and says, “I DON’T WANT TO TAKE A NAP!! I TOLD YOU I DON’T WANT TO!!”  MWAHAHAHAHA! Little does she realize she was knocked out for 2 hours! So I just said, “Ok! You go upstairs and watch cartoons.”  This is a win win because I got her to take a nap without her KNOWING she took a nap! AWESOME!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Commando in Joanns

Well, The Mad Hatter is at it again.  We did a little morning trip to Joanns Fabric.  Everything was just fine.  We went, got yarn and made it home. No real tantrums.  We get home start getting all the clothes together to wash.  Mad Hatter bends over in her sun dress and she has NO UNDERWEAR ON! We went to Joanns she was doing her little girl twirls and all that stuff in her little sun dress and the child had no underwear.  Just toddler cooder and booty.  I can NOT believe this.  I do what every mother does when they get to this age and let them dress themselves and let their personalities come through their fashion and here my daughter is going commander in the craft store. OMG! I will also be posting her new phobia of flies ... She is a crazy little girls. LOL
On another note.  I am embarking on a semi new craft.  I will start crocheting flowers with a smaller yarn or crochet thread.  I am going to try it out and hopefully can make some pretty good pieces.  I will post what I make and maybe can share some of my tricks. =)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The alien invasion

Funny story ... My husband stays about 2 hours away during the week.  Not in the best neighborhood and not the best apartment.  He has been complaining of roaches in his apartment and so I have been getting him that spray.  He said he didn’t think it was working because he could still hear the roaches scratching on the floor at night.  I was talking to him on the phone and he was talking in a low voice and he was actually telling ME to be quiet.  Like anything could hear me on his end.  So we are BOTH on the phone speaking quietly.  Like we were both on this hunt even though I am 2 hours aways. "What are you doing?" What are you looking for" I am asking in a whisper.  All of the sudden I hear this shriek.  No just any shriek, but a girl-finding-a-mouse-in-the-kitchen type shriek. The phone drops on the floor.  I’m yelling “WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED?!! ARE YOU OKAY?” Anything could have happened, robbed, kidnapped ... I had no idea.  He FINALLY picks up the phone and says “I just saw the biggest roach I have EVER seen! No lie it's as big as my HAND!” This entire time we had been “hunting” a large cockroach? Really? He then tells me he has to go because he needs to find this thing.  About 20 minutes later I get another call and he can't find it.  If it's so big why can't he find it is my question.  He says he thinks it's one of those hissing cockroaches.  Aren't those only in Africa or Asia? Anyway, he says he is sleeping in the bath tube with all the lights on so the roach doesn’t get him.  I couldn’t believe. 
This all happened last night, he calls this morning and ... He survived the man eating cockroach last night and he said he sprinkled Ajax all over the floor.  He said he didn’t know what else today. SO NOW there’s a 1 bedroom apartment in San Antonio covered in Ajax because ... that will keep the roach at bay? Maybe?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just another day at the office

I guess todays posting will be a lot of my middle child, The Mad Hatter.  I will be very sad when it’s time for her to go off to school because she fills my day with silly sayings, creative activities (I guess you can call it) and the average initiation of her brother, Reeces Pieces.
My day started with "MOMMY" being screamed by The Mad Hatter.  I go in to see if she's OK and after all that screaming I open her door and she is "sleeping.”  LOL She is a character.  I walked up to her and she stretched and yawned as if she has been asleep the entire time and I was the actually waking HER up. After doing our morning thing, the cartoons are on and Mad Hatter decides to tell me I have “lots of stretch marks, Mommy” One thing I KNOW is I do not LOL.  I don’t even know where she learned those words.  Stretch and mark yes, but not together.  
She was in full swing today.  She had to have her spring dress because it makes her feel “bootipull”.  Especially when she twirls and twirls.  Although she has her ugly side and it showed today when she rolled her brother down the stairs.  All I see is my son rolling down the stairs like a roll of toilet paper.  He sits up and just shakes it off like another day at the office.  I asked her why she did this and she said I needed to plan a “macation.” She said she needed a “macation” that’s why she rolled him down the stairs. Another word I don’t know where she learned it and I am not 100% she knows what it means.  Other then that she was actually pretty tame today.  EXCEPT for the dirt storm she made in the back yard .  All I see is these plumes of dirt flying up in the air.  She has taken the the dog bowl filled it with dirt and was throwing it the air.  THEN spinning around in her cloud of dirt.  In the tub she went where she was telling there was a ladybug in her ear.  I think it’s just dirt. 
Mr. Reeces Pieces has FINALLY found is attitude. She actually tried to beat up Big Mak today for taking his toy.  Now I do NOT advocate violence between my kids or anyone, but I am glad he is finally standing up for himself.  Mad Hatter better watch out because it’s going to go down.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A little about life from Mars

So I'm sure once I start getting followers they will probably want to know who they are following ... Well, I wear many hats these days.  I am a mom of 3, 2 girls and a boy.  My oldest daughter is, and will hopefully always be, a forever happy child.  I don't anyone who loves life more then her.  She has some developmental delays and in the past months she has made leaps and bounds with reading and counting.  To some counting to 14 is small potatoes, but for this family it was a day for pizza and juice! And then there is my wild card.  My youngest girl I have a feeling I will writing about a lot.  She always keeps me on my toes.  She's full of sass and frass! I have to watch her.  Sharp as a whip and will get into any and everything.  Lastly there is my son, the happy sweet baby.  He is starting to walk and explore.  I love this time when they are learning so much everyday.
I am a wife to one of the greatest guys ever! He is in the Army and currently going to school.  It's a hectic life and some times extremely stressful, but I can't imagine that the Army life is the only stressful life out there.  Not to down play what we do, but I know there are others out there who may not put on the uniform and still make sacrifices.  I can say without a doubt he is the love my life and I don't know who else would put up with my craziness and I have NO idea would put up with his.  He's my penguin!
Most importantly I am ME! I'm your regular reality show junky! I am going to school right now.  I need that degree in my back pocket. =) We just moved into a new house so I spend most of my time trying to get it just right and THEN I'm landscaping the back.  I want a nice garden back there.  DIY is something I am big into.  Hopefully I can get some new tricks that I can share with you all.  I also sell Scentsy.  I love the product.  It's a great thing to sell.  My home always smells delicious!
So there is me in a nutshell.  I am liking this blogging thing!! Oprah was write! Write things down is relaxing! Well, typing thing out I guess is a better phrase! Good night blogger world! On to tomorrow!

And ... I'm blogging

I am taking a page from Oprah.  She said you should write things down.  I just decided to do it on a blog.  See if maybe I can connect with people, help people or just basically share things that are going on in my crazy life.  Also a friend of mine said I should have my own reality show with my crazy kids.  The next best thing seems to be a blog.  I hope I keep this up and I don't fall off.  I am saying right now that I am going to make a true go at this.  I always wondered WHY do people blog, but now I think it's kind of fun just typing to the void and hoping someone reads what you are putting out there.
So this is my new thing.  To blog about things going on in and around life as I know it.  With my crazy kids, the new place we moved into, my husband, my insane dogs.  This will fun! Let's get started!
Well, it's afternoon which means 1st grade homework.  Which is always fun.  All the kids are in full swing.  Maddyn is "playing" with our new pup.  That poor dog.  We have a Boston,Rosa, and a Pekingese, Lilly. Maddyn treats Lilly like a little toy.  Right now she is in a stroller being carted around the back yard, but any little girl would do thinks like that, right?  And my son is just going with the flow as always.  I am hoping to share some of the craziness that goes on in my life along with our trials and success.  I also hope to pass along ideas of fun things to do with kids and family and me time and anything else that I could pass on. =)