Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just another day at the office

I guess todays posting will be a lot of my middle child, The Mad Hatter.  I will be very sad when it’s time for her to go off to school because she fills my day with silly sayings, creative activities (I guess you can call it) and the average initiation of her brother, Reeces Pieces.
My day started with "MOMMY" being screamed by The Mad Hatter.  I go in to see if she's OK and after all that screaming I open her door and she is "sleeping.”  LOL She is a character.  I walked up to her and she stretched and yawned as if she has been asleep the entire time and I was the actually waking HER up. After doing our morning thing, the cartoons are on and Mad Hatter decides to tell me I have “lots of stretch marks, Mommy” One thing I KNOW is I do not LOL.  I don’t even know where she learned those words.  Stretch and mark yes, but not together.  
She was in full swing today.  She had to have her spring dress because it makes her feel “bootipull”.  Especially when she twirls and twirls.  Although she has her ugly side and it showed today when she rolled her brother down the stairs.  All I see is my son rolling down the stairs like a roll of toilet paper.  He sits up and just shakes it off like another day at the office.  I asked her why she did this and she said I needed to plan a “macation.” She said she needed a “macation” that’s why she rolled him down the stairs. Another word I don’t know where she learned it and I am not 100% she knows what it means.  Other then that she was actually pretty tame today.  EXCEPT for the dirt storm she made in the back yard .  All I see is these plumes of dirt flying up in the air.  She has taken the the dog bowl filled it with dirt and was throwing it the air.  THEN spinning around in her cloud of dirt.  In the tub she went where she was telling there was a ladybug in her ear.  I think it’s just dirt. 
Mr. Reeces Pieces has FINALLY found is attitude. She actually tried to beat up Big Mak today for taking his toy.  Now I do NOT advocate violence between my kids or anyone, but I am glad he is finally standing up for himself.  Mad Hatter better watch out because it’s going to go down.

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