Friday, April 27, 2012


So I sell Scentsy and they have branched out to fondue. Today I got my kit sooo we had to try it out. I cut up some apple and poured some Carmel chocolate mix into the warmer. I am very pleased with this new brand. If you've seen me sell Scentsy I tell it like it is. I hate the travel tins & a couple of the smells I hate. I won't lie to you. Although I won't be selling Velata I had to get the kit.
The girls of course liked it. I'm not sure about the pouch they come in. You have to heat it up in the microwave before putting it in the warmer which to me is odd. The little forks work well. I got the blue warmer (like it matters) and the top is a flimsy type rubber. It makes the clean up easy. So I guess if any of my due hard readers want to get in on this I do have a gal selling starting May 1.
Two thumbs up from me! Oh and you can control the temp on the warmer which is cool!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sad news

Sad news about the tomato from the turvy ... I went outside to water the plants and there it was! The carnage. Dirt everywhere! An empty planter with a lone tomato at the bottom. No other trace of a plant! My freaking dogs!!! I can't believe it!!! In better news! I bought a red delicious apple tree & it was sooo sad! We put it in the ground and now it has new growth! How exciting!
So I'm writing this on the blogger app on my phone! Pretty nifty!
Ok so Madd hatter has been FULL of sayings lately. My fav is I'm the sand & she's the waves. Not sure what means, but cute! Today we were listening to that Call Me, Maybe song. There's a part that is says something guys chancing the girl singing. MH goes "Mommy, if boys try to chase me, I'll just run away!" good plan! And then there's the one she told ME waiting wasn't her job ... Yea! Lol

Sunday, April 22, 2012


AAAHHH! Ok So I've dropped the ball, BUT I did do some stuff that people MAY think interesting.
First - Vinegar and weeds.  I was a little ... not sure about this one.  I read a blog that you have to SOAK the weed in vinegar and it's going to take days to work.  My back yard is a SEA of weeds.  I mowed the weeds down and then applied the vinegar.  I got a spray pump thing and Walmart for about $9.  I got JUGS of vinegar from Sams club.  I did it on a pretty warm day.  I think it was about 80-85 outside.  That evening the ones I sprayed and where I sprayed were shriveled.  BUT it only kills where you spray so if you don't get the root then the weed will still be alive and kicking.  
The day after that we went car shopping for 9 hours so I didn't really do anything news worthy except go with a plan and KNOW what the actual are is worth so YOU KNOW how much the dealership is trying to get you for.  AND never ever buy into the "We have to feed our families" speech from the dealers.
Yesterday and today was food.  
Today we had this pretty good fried chicken! Here's the blog I got it from.
What I used - 2 cups flour, 4 teaspoon pepper, 2 teaspoons of ginger and nutmeg, 1 teaspoon cheyenne pepper.  The egg wash I did 2 eggs and some milk (probably 3 tablespoons).  For the sauce I did 1/2 cup of honey, around 1/8 cup of soy sauce and a table spoon of minced garlic.
I took the chicken and pounded it, dipped in the flour mix, egg wash then flour. THEN to fry.  The sauce I just heated it up in a pan.  It was really good.
Yesterdays was really good and it wasn't about what I made, but it's about looking in the store for new things.  My husband threw the package away, but in the Asian section they have these shake and bake type things.  SOMEONE (I think the Madd Hatter) put one in my basket and it ended up in my pantry.  So I tried it one shrimp last night and it was pretty good.  It was that peanut Asian taste.  Sorry about the picture ... Kid finger print LOL So if you are looking for something new look in the ethnic section for that shake and bake type stuff.  We had shrimp, beans and tats.  Good eats LOL

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Topsy Turvy Review

SO a couple weeks ago I made a topsy turvy for my tomato plant.  I also have another plant in a planter.  The one in the planter is doing SO MUCH better.  Granted they aren't the same breed or whatever, but the one in the planter now has 3 or 4 tomatoes on it and the plant has doubled since I planted it.  The topsy turvy went from having several stems and leaves to having 1 stem, a tomato and hardly any leaves.  Sooo even though I thought it was this GREAT thing the long term is not very good.  BUT I did do some differences.  The one in the pot got the morning sun and the topsy turvy got evening sun.  They both got watered the same time and they both had the same soil.  I do not think the sun would make THAT drastic of a difference to the plants.  See photos.  I will be taking my sad plant out of the turvy and into a planter.  I have moved the bigger tomato to the back this week so I will report if there is any change to it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The run is OVER

So the run is over.  Yesterday I admit I didn't do a DAMN thing.  My right knee hurt SOO SOO bad all I did was drive to Lowes and buy some half off trees.  The rest of my day was on the couch with my leg up.  When I was 17 I had knee surgery and they sucked out all this cartilage that I ground through.  So that little buffer most people have in their knee I kinda chewed it up like hamburger meat 12 years ago LOL THAT'S MY EXCUSE FOR NO BLOG FOR YESTERDAY! LOL
Today since my race is over I made these cinnamon rolls and I'm not happy with them ... I mean for a quick midnight snack ... in need of something warm and sweet ... night quick breakfast then it works, but it's nothing spectacular.
What you need - Crescent roll
                           6 tablespoons of butter (soft)
                           1/4 cup sugar (I put 1/8 cup more)
                           2 1/2 cinnamon

You mix everything but the rolls together.  Lay the rolls out on the tray and slather the butter on them and the roll them up.  Cook them like normal.  You can put frosting on top, but for me that would be TOO much sugar.  You can never have too much chocolate, but sugar ... yes. So that's it. I've made them before without the butter paste just sugar/cin mix.  All that butter kind of melted on the tray (you can see in the picture).  So yum not spectacular. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012


How many running pins I have seen this week? A LOT! I don't know if it's because I was working towards the Austin 10/20 or what.  So today was game day! Today was THE day! The Austin 10/20!!! So my photographer I brought (my husband) FAILED! But I took pictures with some friends and hopefully will be getting those soon. 
So we start.  I was in the 10 minute mile group. We were OFF! I'm running! 1 mile BOOM! 2 mile BOOM! 3 mile BOOM! 4 mile BOOM! 5 miles BOOM! THEN I get caught in the water station mayhem.  It was a mad crazy 5 seconds that MESSED UP MY GROOVE! So the rest of mile 5 I'm trying to get my groove back.  I see my kids and the hubs right before mile 6.  Gave me energy! Bubba eating MY apple! The girls going "GO MOMMY! GO MOMMY!" 
On my packet it said it was a FLAT course ... flat for the first 5 miles.  Mile 6 was a hill and not your oh cute lets get to the top.  It was a freaking HILL.  Push through.  I'm trekking along. Mile 7 I see my mentor. WOOT WOOT! I'm hurtin', that water break SERIOUSLY messed me up and the hills keep coming.  I see the mile 8.  UGH! Only an Army PT test run left.  That's what I was thinking.  I can do 2 miles in my SLEEP. Is what I was thinking.  I SEE the finish line ... but wait a minute my lane is turning.  WHAT? We are turning INTO the outdoor mall? Why are we doing this.  I'm going.  Totally lost motivation after SEEING the finish and knowing it wasn't over.  Weaving in and out of the building. Mile 9! Oh look a little cute green Fiat.  Those things are kind of pricey for their size (is what I was thinking).  OK I change to my fail safe song on the ipod.  Call Me Maybe.  It's on! I turn right.  People all lined up! I see the finish!! I open my stride. I see my family! I go GO GO GO! 10 MILES! 10 MILES! I ran 10 miles in 2 hours! 

How did I accomplish this you ask (with only 2 weeks at the gym).  You need to take care of your body from the inside out.  It's not just the running (look at me. Like I'm a pro) I did a body flush and then didn't eat a lot of junk.  The gym for me was basically getting my breath down.  I hydrated.  Like I said before if you're thirsty ... it's too late you're dehydrated.  I say whatever it is that you think "Nope, can't do THAT" like I did with a marathon.  I say take a smaller version and DO IT! People say I'm amazing and how I do all this stuff ... You know why? What else am I going to do? Your goal needs to be bigger then catching Army Wives every Sunday (love that show though).  "I can't do it, I don't have time, I don't have energy, my kids take up so much time"  You can do anything you want just put your head down and do it. You have time because your kids are either in school or take naps and you have friends or hourly care that can watch them on game day. You should ALWAYS have energy for yourself! Your kids should be motivation to do something outside the family.  What do your kids say about you when you're not around? "My mom works"? My kids tell people I am fabulous because I run, I plant stuff in the garden, I try new hairstyles on them (their words LOL) So let my little 10 mile run be motivation to do something.  SO WHAT you're 30, 35, 65! WHO CARES! At the end I ran next to this little lady that was telling me at the beginning how she didn't know if she could finish.  There she was (about 60) running next to me at mile 9 1/2.  I'm 29 ... her in her 60's. GO GO GO!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day before a long run

Ok! I have been training for the Austin 10/20.  10 miles and 20 stages (meaning 20 bands will be playing on the route).  So today I took my kids to baseball and after fits and not listening (by my children) we came home I just relaxed and drank water.  If there is ANYTHING I learned about doing long runs in the Army is ... if you're thirsty then it's already too late.  You're dehydrated. So my goal this week was to not let myself get thirsty. (That's tip one for you all. a GOLDEN TIP lol) 
2nd thing is the last dinner - I had salmon, pasta and green beans.  It was approved by my dad so it must be good.  He's the all knowing master of anything having to do with athletics. LOL Salmon was basic ... onion, lemon, garlic, herbs in tin foil and in the oven.  Ok now for the pasta.  I learned this when I had basically nothing, but milk and pasta and tomatoes.  I have revamped it since then, but the old way STILL works.  Ok a FABULOUS home made white sauce for your pasta.
What you need - pasta
                           heavy cream (or milk and some cream cheese)
                           any flavors you may want (I do parsley, basil, onion and garlic)
Cook the pasta while you are making the sauce. Heat the cream.  I eye ball it to how much pasta I have.  I want the pasta to be totally coated so that's how much cream or milk I put in the sauce pan.  I then put the flavors in to my liking.  I just like a hint of each flavor. =) Once the cream starts really bubbling I put diced tomatoes in.  Let that cook for about 30 seconds or so (I usually drain the pasta while that is simmering).  Pour the sauce over the pasta and put some parm in there. Toss and serve.  Sorry I don't have measurements, but it's really easy to make.  Especially when you have nothing, but milk, pasta and cheese LOL OR you have a long run the next day!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Double Up

Yesterday I DID do a pinterest activity, but I was hosting a wine tasting and got home late so this blog I will double up.  Yesterday I did cream cheese filled strawberries.  SOOOOOooo EASY! 
What you need - Strawberries (washed and with the leaf cut off and the middle cut out a little bit)
                           1 block of cream cheese
                           5-6 tables spoons of powdered sugar
                           2 teaspoons of vanilla
You mix everything but the strawberries together.  SO the cream cheese needs to be soft.  I then put the mixture in a plastic bag and cut a corner (like I did with the frozen yogurt) and I filled the strawberries that way.  Everyone seemed to like them at the wine tasting! I brought home about 5, but I had a platter of ... A BUNCH! LOL
Today I made goodies bags (I guess we can say) for the homeless.  So when you see the beggers at a stop light you can give them this bag instead of cash.  I made 3 of them.  I went to the toiletry section in Walmart.  Almost everything there is 97 cents.  I got deodorant, shampoo, sunscreen, Band-Aids, sanitizing wipes and hand gel, cottonelle wipes, bar soap, tissue, lotion, razers, mouth wash, tooth paste, tooth brush.  Then if you go to the towels sections they sell a bundle of 18 wash clothes for $4.  So I stuck some in there also.
I put everything in a large ziplock and will give them out next time I'm out and about.  The blog I got this from also put coins in there.  I'm still debating on that.  I usually don't like giving money because that could be used to help a habit they may have.  She also suggested a gift card to Starbucks or Subway.  Not a lot of people know this, but McDonald's even has gift cards.  I haven't seen them out lately though.  The lowest I think you can go on those is $5 so you have to be willing to do that AND the bags I guess.  ANYWAY! Just away to help.  I always feel bad when I see them, but I don't give money.  Here's the story why ... We went to Rome for my 22nd birthday.  Our last day there we were walking down to see the Colosseum.  This lady and her daughter get out of this red, 2 door car.  Dirty and had those old Foldgers coffee cans (remember when they were metal?).  ANYWAY, they take off down another road.  We come back at the end of the day to catch our bus to the airport.  NOT EVEN LIEING the mom and the girl were sitting on top of the car counting their money FROM THE CANS!! If you have a CAR and can pay for GAS then you don't need to pan handle.  GRANTED that was Italy, but still I can't do it! LOL

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I don't know if you've seen The Birdcage with Robin Williams.  Anyway, there's a part where the house man has to pretend he's a chef and he makes this HORRID stew. Robin comes in and takes the whole pot and the house man says "Wait, you forgot the churimps!" That's what I always think about when I am making shrimp.
This dish LOOKS FAB taste like ... if the color beige had a taste it would be this.  Smells amazing, but I won't be making it again.  The kids ate it, but didn't want seconds.  Today I am just giving my review on something that has been pinned a million times it looks like.  Maybe I did something wrong, but it wasn't tasty! At All.
You need shrimp
          coconut milk
          green onions
          fish sauce
          red curry sauce
Dice the onions and have a white pile and a green pile.  Saute the white pile with the curry sauce (1 table spoon).  Then put in the shrimp (1 lb) and garlic (2 cloves).  Make sure shrimp are mostly cooked.  Pour in the coconut milk (6 oz) and fish sauce (2 teaspoons). Simmer for 2-3 minutes.  Then at the last minute toss in the green onions and cilantro (to taste).  I served over rice.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Today the Madd Hatter is sick so I wanted to do something that would be good for her and her little fever.  I pinned awhile ago, but forgot about it.  I saw it repinned today and thought I'd try it.  You take yogurt and put it in a plastic bag.  THEN cut a little piece of the corner off and make little dots on tin foil.  Put in the freezer.  Once frozen then I scraped them off into a bowl. Frozen yogurt.  Everyone loved it especially the sickling.  My only advice would be to get yogurt without fruit chunks in it.  Makes squeezing out the yogurt harder.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family Hands

Today is Easter.  Yes, it has religious meaning, but like every American holiday it's also about family and friends so this craft seemed fitting for today.  
What you need - Paint
I bought mine at Walmart down the crayon isle at the end with the poster board.  It's called U! CREATE.  It has a border already and comes with 3 sheets just in case you mess up.  It's 22x28.  BUT it was wipe off friendly.  My son ... being 23 months ... obviously wasn't corporative.  His light blue hand was the best we were going to get.  Our first attempt was a hot mess and it wiped off with a damp paper towel.  I didn't do anything fancy with the paint in the hands.  I squirted paint in everyones palms, wiped it around with a paper towel and then press.
I will be taking this to Joanns or Michael's.  They usually have 50% off framing and will get it framed and it will go in my bathroom.  

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Get out the mom pitch forks now ... I HATE dying eggs! I hate boiling the eggs! I hate figuring out what to DO with the eggs.  I mean bunnies have NO connection with eggs! WHY are there eggs on Easter? I boil 2 eggs per kid! That's 6 eggs and even THAT is too many.  This year a friend pinned this idea ... All those tattoos you have at the bottom of the junk drawer. Well, put them on your eggs.  My kids haven't seen the eggs yet.  I'm almost 100% sure the girls are going to FREAK with excitement!  I didn't dye them or anything. I KNOW! I KNOW! Mariah NOT doing something out ragiously crafty with her eggs? NO! Because I HATE eggs (I think I established that LOL) It was SOOOO easy to put the tattoos on.  I stuck them on.  They are kind of like stickers and then I put them under some running water. BAM! Instant Easter egg.  I'm SURE they will look fabulous if you dyed them first.  I prefer the eggs with candy inside.  HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I didn't blog yesterday because I did a dip and we didn't eat it until late (movie night). OH MY GAWD this Crab Rangoon dip is AMAZING!!!!!
What you need - 2 cans of crab
                           2 blocks of cream cheese
                           1/2 cup sour cream
                           4 diced green onions
                           1/2 tsp of lemon juice
                           1 1/2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
                           2 Tblsp powder sugar
                           1/2 tsp garlic powder
Mix everything in a bowl.  I leave the crab to be mixed in last.  If you get some chunky bits of crab I always like that.  If you mix the crab too much you'll lose that.  Don't worry about have SOME chunks of cream cheese not mixed in because when it's it hot and you stir it then those will go away. 20-30 min 350 and BAM Heaven in a bowl! You can also get some of those ... things (its on the tip of my tongue) to make rangoon and this can be the filling. SO GOOD!! I'm about to eat the right now.  I do NOT care that I'm training for a 10 miler ... this stuff is GOOD!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fuzzy Eggs

I saw this in a magizine at my doctors office so I thought I'd give it a try.  It didn't turn out as I THOUGHT it would, but it kinda did.  It's cute and a fun kid project I think.
What you need - Plastic eggs
                          Natural wool roving (or if you can shred felt I think that will work)
                          Sturdy tape (like electrical tape)
What you do is tape the plastic eggs together.  You will be putting these in the washer and dryer so make sure it on there pretty good.  THEN you take the wool or felt and wrap it around the egg.  I TRIED to make a design, but it didn't turn out.  So I just say play around with color and it will look fun.  Shove the egg into the toe of the panty hose or tights.  I held the egg like a baseball and shoved it down that way.  So the wool wouldn't shift too much.  Once it was in there I tied a knot at the top.  You stack your eggs on top of each other.  
After you're finished then put the tights in the washer.  I washed it with some towels.  It goes in the dryer also.  Once it's fully dry carefully cut off the knots and peel the tights off the egg.  The wool will stay around the egg and it will be fuzzy.  It's just a cute decoration.  My kids played "Hot egg" Like Hot Potato.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today I did a little craft that I remember my mom doing only it was to make ghosts and I made eggs.  
What you need - 1 cup liquid starch
                           1/2 cup flour
                           Thread/yarn (I'll explain)
Ok I have a TON of crochet thread and yarn.  My yarn is Sugar'n Cream by Lily.  I like this yarn the best.  It's a little more expensive, but when I crochet flowers it's more stiff to hold shape better.  That really doesn't matter for this project, but I just like it.  It's not fuzzy or anything.  I also used crochet thread.  I like that to crochet with also and it was PERFECT for this project.  OR you can use cross stitch thread.
I put the starch and flour in a bowl plate thing and whisked it together.  You don't want it lumpy.  DO NOT put ALL the thread you think you need in the mixture and then try to wrap the thread around the balloon.  The thread knots up and it's difficult to keep it straight.  I did about 2 feet at a time.  So I made multiple cuts for each egg (if that makes sense) I just wrapped the thread around the balloon however I felt at the time, I guess. As you are wrapping, lightly squeeze out the mixture from the thread.  You don't want it gooped on there.  After I was done.  I then put the balloons in a tin foil baking pan thing.  I set them outside to dry faster.  I still have about 4 outside drying.  The yarn, of course, dries slower then the thread.  I'm going to put mine in a basket I have and put them on the counter.  You can put then in a glass bowl and use them as a center piece or string them like a garland.  OH this is WAY messy ... Soooo don't plan on picking up you cellphone or kids during this project LOL

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glowing Orange

Ok Yesterday I DID try a Pinterest, but I didn't have a lighter.  So today I went out and got a lighter so I can do it.  I did the orange candle.
What you need - Orange (I used a cutie)
                           Olive oil
                           sharp knife
Ok you have to cut around the orange in half, BUT be careful because you don't want to cut the actual orange just the peel.  Then you peel off in 1 piece each half.  Before you totally pull off the bottom part of the orange, pull the actual orange in half so that the middle white part stays on the peel.  That will act like a wick.  Cut a hole on the very top of what will be your lid to the candle.  THEN poor some olive oil in the bottom part of the orange.  The hard part was lighting it.  It took awhile so make sure you have a lot of matches or a good full lighter.  And that is IT! The cutie peel was a little flimzy so it didn't keep its round shape and they are a tad small. CUTE idea for a dinner like Christmas or something.  Fun!


Side note - I left it burning the whole time I was typing and uploading the photos.  The whole of the top of the candle was burnt.  I think because the peel is too flimsy and it's a small orange. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pork Chops

I saw this really cool recipe for some pork chops made in the crock pot served with some mashed tats.  
You need - pork chops
                  1 can cream of chicken
                  1 packet of ranch (the powder not the salad dressing)
Today I had to go pan handle to raise money for my Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser.  So I put everything in the pot, set it on low and told my husband to plug it in at 11.  You could do low for 6 hours or high for 4.  I get home and it's on high ... not sure how long it cooked that way, but everyone (except me) liked it.
The mashed tats you cook regular.  I have a tool I use to mash my tats.  If you ever go for ice cream in Germany and order spaghetti ice, then they made it with this tool.  Makes your mashed tats nice and smooth.  The recipe calls for 4 lbs of tats, I used 4 potatoes not 4 lbs (I don't even use that much on Turkey Day).  It also calls for 1 cup parm cheese and 6 cloves of roasted garlic.  I used about 1/4 cup (a little less) and no garlic.  I wasn't feeling garlic tonight.  You also add what you usually do for mashed tats (butter and milk) 
What the tats look like AFTER going through the thing
The bottom of my spaghetti ice maker
My review ... WAY TOO SALTY! I couldn't even finish.  Everyone else practically licked their plates, but I couldn't even eat it.  I ate 2 bites of the meat a bite of the tats.  I also made green beans to go with it and that's what I ate.  I still have some pork chops frozen because I planned on making it again, but I won't be.  I don't know how to make it less salty since I didn't use ANY salt and usually by the low sodium products.
Here is the blog to where I got it