Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fuzzy Eggs

I saw this in a magizine at my doctors office so I thought I'd give it a try.  It didn't turn out as I THOUGHT it would, but it kinda did.  It's cute and a fun kid project I think.
What you need - Plastic eggs
                          Natural wool roving (or if you can shred felt I think that will work)
                          Sturdy tape (like electrical tape)
What you do is tape the plastic eggs together.  You will be putting these in the washer and dryer so make sure it on there pretty good.  THEN you take the wool or felt and wrap it around the egg.  I TRIED to make a design, but it didn't turn out.  So I just say play around with color and it will look fun.  Shove the egg into the toe of the panty hose or tights.  I held the egg like a baseball and shoved it down that way.  So the wool wouldn't shift too much.  Once it was in there I tied a knot at the top.  You stack your eggs on top of each other.  
After you're finished then put the tights in the washer.  I washed it with some towels.  It goes in the dryer also.  Once it's fully dry carefully cut off the knots and peel the tights off the egg.  The wool will stay around the egg and it will be fuzzy.  It's just a cute decoration.  My kids played "Hot egg" Like Hot Potato.  

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