Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today I did a little craft that I remember my mom doing only it was to make ghosts and I made eggs.  
What you need - 1 cup liquid starch
                           1/2 cup flour
                           Thread/yarn (I'll explain)
Ok I have a TON of crochet thread and yarn.  My yarn is Sugar'n Cream by Lily.  I like this yarn the best.  It's a little more expensive, but when I crochet flowers it's more stiff to hold shape better.  That really doesn't matter for this project, but I just like it.  It's not fuzzy or anything.  I also used crochet thread.  I like that to crochet with also and it was PERFECT for this project.  OR you can use cross stitch thread.
I put the starch and flour in a bowl plate thing and whisked it together.  You don't want it lumpy.  DO NOT put ALL the thread you think you need in the mixture and then try to wrap the thread around the balloon.  The thread knots up and it's difficult to keep it straight.  I did about 2 feet at a time.  So I made multiple cuts for each egg (if that makes sense) I just wrapped the thread around the balloon however I felt at the time, I guess. As you are wrapping, lightly squeeze out the mixture from the thread.  You don't want it gooped on there.  After I was done.  I then put the balloons in a tin foil baking pan thing.  I set them outside to dry faster.  I still have about 4 outside drying.  The yarn, of course, dries slower then the thread.  I'm going to put mine in a basket I have and put them on the counter.  You can put then in a glass bowl and use them as a center piece or string them like a garland.  OH this is WAY messy ... Soooo don't plan on picking up you cellphone or kids during this project LOL

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