Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Topsy Turvy Review

SO a couple weeks ago I made a topsy turvy for my tomato plant.  I also have another plant in a planter.  The one in the planter is doing SO MUCH better.  Granted they aren't the same breed or whatever, but the one in the planter now has 3 or 4 tomatoes on it and the plant has doubled since I planted it.  The topsy turvy went from having several stems and leaves to having 1 stem, a tomato and hardly any leaves.  Sooo even though I thought it was this GREAT thing the long term is not very good.  BUT I did do some differences.  The one in the pot got the morning sun and the topsy turvy got evening sun.  They both got watered the same time and they both had the same soil.  I do not think the sun would make THAT drastic of a difference to the plants.  See photos.  I will be taking my sad plant out of the turvy and into a planter.  I have moved the bigger tomato to the back this week so I will report if there is any change to it.

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