Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Double Up

Yesterday I DID do a pinterest activity, but I was hosting a wine tasting and got home late so this blog I will double up.  Yesterday I did cream cheese filled strawberries.  SOOOOOooo EASY! 
What you need - Strawberries (washed and with the leaf cut off and the middle cut out a little bit)
                           1 block of cream cheese
                           5-6 tables spoons of powdered sugar
                           2 teaspoons of vanilla
You mix everything but the strawberries together.  SO the cream cheese needs to be soft.  I then put the mixture in a plastic bag and cut a corner (like I did with the frozen yogurt) and I filled the strawberries that way.  Everyone seemed to like them at the wine tasting! I brought home about 5, but I had a platter of ... A BUNCH! LOL
Today I made goodies bags (I guess we can say) for the homeless.  So when you see the beggers at a stop light you can give them this bag instead of cash.  I made 3 of them.  I went to the toiletry section in Walmart.  Almost everything there is 97 cents.  I got deodorant, shampoo, sunscreen, Band-Aids, sanitizing wipes and hand gel, cottonelle wipes, bar soap, tissue, lotion, razers, mouth wash, tooth paste, tooth brush.  Then if you go to the towels sections they sell a bundle of 18 wash clothes for $4.  So I stuck some in there also.
I put everything in a large ziplock and will give them out next time I'm out and about.  The blog I got this from also put coins in there.  I'm still debating on that.  I usually don't like giving money because that could be used to help a habit they may have.  She also suggested a gift card to Starbucks or Subway.  Not a lot of people know this, but McDonald's even has gift cards.  I haven't seen them out lately though.  The lowest I think you can go on those is $5 so you have to be willing to do that AND the bags I guess.  ANYWAY! Just away to help.  I always feel bad when I see them, but I don't give money.  Here's the story why ... We went to Rome for my 22nd birthday.  Our last day there we were walking down to see the Colosseum.  This lady and her daughter get out of this red, 2 door car.  Dirty and had those old Foldgers coffee cans (remember when they were metal?).  ANYWAY, they take off down another road.  We come back at the end of the day to catch our bus to the airport.  NOT EVEN LIEING the mom and the girl were sitting on top of the car counting their money FROM THE CANS!! If you have a CAR and can pay for GAS then you don't need to pan handle.  GRANTED that was Italy, but still I can't do it! LOL

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