Friday, April 27, 2012


So I sell Scentsy and they have branched out to fondue. Today I got my kit sooo we had to try it out. I cut up some apple and poured some Carmel chocolate mix into the warmer. I am very pleased with this new brand. If you've seen me sell Scentsy I tell it like it is. I hate the travel tins & a couple of the smells I hate. I won't lie to you. Although I won't be selling Velata I had to get the kit.
The girls of course liked it. I'm not sure about the pouch they come in. You have to heat it up in the microwave before putting it in the warmer which to me is odd. The little forks work well. I got the blue warmer (like it matters) and the top is a flimsy type rubber. It makes the clean up easy. So I guess if any of my due hard readers want to get in on this I do have a gal selling starting May 1.
Two thumbs up from me! Oh and you can control the temp on the warmer which is cool!

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