Saturday, April 7, 2012


Get out the mom pitch forks now ... I HATE dying eggs! I hate boiling the eggs! I hate figuring out what to DO with the eggs.  I mean bunnies have NO connection with eggs! WHY are there eggs on Easter? I boil 2 eggs per kid! That's 6 eggs and even THAT is too many.  This year a friend pinned this idea ... All those tattoos you have at the bottom of the junk drawer. Well, put them on your eggs.  My kids haven't seen the eggs yet.  I'm almost 100% sure the girls are going to FREAK with excitement!  I didn't dye them or anything. I KNOW! I KNOW! Mariah NOT doing something out ragiously crafty with her eggs? NO! Because I HATE eggs (I think I established that LOL) It was SOOOO easy to put the tattoos on.  I stuck them on.  They are kind of like stickers and then I put them under some running water. BAM! Instant Easter egg.  I'm SURE they will look fabulous if you dyed them first.  I prefer the eggs with candy inside.  HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. that is a brilliant idea!!!!! Now I just need to find some tattoos :)