Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The run is OVER

So the run is over.  Yesterday I admit I didn't do a DAMN thing.  My right knee hurt SOO SOO bad all I did was drive to Lowes and buy some half off trees.  The rest of my day was on the couch with my leg up.  When I was 17 I had knee surgery and they sucked out all this cartilage that I ground through.  So that little buffer most people have in their knee I kinda chewed it up like hamburger meat 12 years ago LOL THAT'S MY EXCUSE FOR NO BLOG FOR YESTERDAY! LOL
Today since my race is over I made these cinnamon rolls and I'm not happy with them ... I mean for a quick midnight snack ... in need of something warm and sweet ... night quick breakfast then it works, but it's nothing spectacular.
What you need - Crescent roll
                           6 tablespoons of butter (soft)
                           1/4 cup sugar (I put 1/8 cup more)
                           2 1/2 cinnamon

You mix everything but the rolls together.  Lay the rolls out on the tray and slather the butter on them and the roll them up.  Cook them like normal.  You can put frosting on top, but for me that would be TOO much sugar.  You can never have too much chocolate, but sugar ... yes. So that's it. I've made them before without the butter paste just sugar/cin mix.  All that butter kind of melted on the tray (you can see in the picture).  So yum not spectacular. 

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