Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glowing Orange

Ok Yesterday I DID try a Pinterest, but I didn't have a lighter.  So today I went out and got a lighter so I can do it.  I did the orange candle.
What you need - Orange (I used a cutie)
                           Olive oil
                           sharp knife
Ok you have to cut around the orange in half, BUT be careful because you don't want to cut the actual orange just the peel.  Then you peel off in 1 piece each half.  Before you totally pull off the bottom part of the orange, pull the actual orange in half so that the middle white part stays on the peel.  That will act like a wick.  Cut a hole on the very top of what will be your lid to the candle.  THEN poor some olive oil in the bottom part of the orange.  The hard part was lighting it.  It took awhile so make sure you have a lot of matches or a good full lighter.  And that is IT! The cutie peel was a little flimzy so it didn't keep its round shape and they are a tad small. CUTE idea for a dinner like Christmas or something.  Fun!


Side note - I left it burning the whole time I was typing and uploading the photos.  The whole of the top of the candle was burnt.  I think because the peel is too flimsy and it's a small orange. 

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