Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sad news

Sad news about the tomato from the turvy ... I went outside to water the plants and there it was! The carnage. Dirt everywhere! An empty planter with a lone tomato at the bottom. No other trace of a plant! My freaking dogs!!! I can't believe it!!! In better news! I bought a red delicious apple tree & it was sooo sad! We put it in the ground and now it has new growth! How exciting!
So I'm writing this on the blogger app on my phone! Pretty nifty!
Ok so Madd hatter has been FULL of sayings lately. My fav is I'm the sand & she's the waves. Not sure what means, but cute! Today we were listening to that Call Me, Maybe song. There's a part that is says something guys chancing the girl singing. MH goes "Mommy, if boys try to chase me, I'll just run away!" good plan! And then there's the one she told ME waiting wasn't her job ... Yea! Lol

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