Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day before a long run

Ok! I have been training for the Austin 10/20.  10 miles and 20 stages (meaning 20 bands will be playing on the route).  So today I took my kids to baseball and after fits and not listening (by my children) we came home I just relaxed and drank water.  If there is ANYTHING I learned about doing long runs in the Army is ... if you're thirsty then it's already too late.  You're dehydrated. So my goal this week was to not let myself get thirsty. (That's tip one for you all. a GOLDEN TIP lol) 
2nd thing is the last dinner - I had salmon, pasta and green beans.  It was approved by my dad so it must be good.  He's the all knowing master of anything having to do with athletics. LOL Salmon was basic ... onion, lemon, garlic, herbs in tin foil and in the oven.  Ok now for the pasta.  I learned this when I had basically nothing, but milk and pasta and tomatoes.  I have revamped it since then, but the old way STILL works.  Ok a FABULOUS home made white sauce for your pasta.
What you need - pasta
                           heavy cream (or milk and some cream cheese)
                           any flavors you may want (I do parsley, basil, onion and garlic)
Cook the pasta while you are making the sauce. Heat the cream.  I eye ball it to how much pasta I have.  I want the pasta to be totally coated so that's how much cream or milk I put in the sauce pan.  I then put the flavors in to my liking.  I just like a hint of each flavor. =) Once the cream starts really bubbling I put diced tomatoes in.  Let that cook for about 30 seconds or so (I usually drain the pasta while that is simmering).  Pour the sauce over the pasta and put some parm in there. Toss and serve.  Sorry I don't have measurements, but it's really easy to make.  Especially when you have nothing, but milk, pasta and cheese LOL OR you have a long run the next day!

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