Thursday, May 19, 2011

And ... I'm blogging

I am taking a page from Oprah.  She said you should write things down.  I just decided to do it on a blog.  See if maybe I can connect with people, help people or just basically share things that are going on in my crazy life.  Also a friend of mine said I should have my own reality show with my crazy kids.  The next best thing seems to be a blog.  I hope I keep this up and I don't fall off.  I am saying right now that I am going to make a true go at this.  I always wondered WHY do people blog, but now I think it's kind of fun just typing to the void and hoping someone reads what you are putting out there.
So this is my new thing.  To blog about things going on in and around life as I know it.  With my crazy kids, the new place we moved into, my husband, my insane dogs.  This will fun! Let's get started!
Well, it's afternoon which means 1st grade homework.  Which is always fun.  All the kids are in full swing.  Maddyn is "playing" with our new pup.  That poor dog.  We have a Boston,Rosa, and a Pekingese, Lilly. Maddyn treats Lilly like a little toy.  Right now she is in a stroller being carted around the back yard, but any little girl would do thinks like that, right?  And my son is just going with the flow as always.  I am hoping to share some of the craziness that goes on in my life along with our trials and success.  I also hope to pass along ideas of fun things to do with kids and family and me time and anything else that I could pass on. =)

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