Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My double life

Apparently I am living a double life that I had NO IDEA about! I go back home for my sisters wedding and to see my entire family basically.  For some reason my family has this idea that I am actually #1 Mom.  That I am supreme! They think I can do any craft, fix anything in a pinch and am fabulous while doing all these things.  I have NO IDEA who or what they are talking about! I am always an inch from my sanity, I make things work because it’s cheaper then going out and guying things and if I don’t have some sort of craft to keep my mind busy I would defiantly loose my mind!
I got a really nice email today ... My kids decided to wake me up by throwing their dolls on me.  I am NOT a morning person, but the email was saying that my kids do craziness like that because they are that comfortable with me and they were so excited to start their day.  I am sure that is true, but I was SO MAD! 
On Another note, The Mad Hatter is NOT a nap type person like almost every child.  So lately we have been starting the no nap stage, but some times she just needs one.  She grabbed Maks glasses and threw them in a rage.  I put her in my bed and she is SCREAMING bloody murder. She finally quiets down and falls asleep.  During this quiet time I decided to start painting my kitchen.  I get a good 2 hours in and I hear my door swing open and MH storms out and says, “I DON’T WANT TO TAKE A NAP!! I TOLD YOU I DON’T WANT TO!!”  MWAHAHAHAHA! Little does she realize she was knocked out for 2 hours! So I just said, “Ok! You go upstairs and watch cartoons.”  This is a win win because I got her to take a nap without her KNOWING she took a nap! AWESOME!

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  1. You have #1 mom qualities coming and going=)You are resourceful because you can, it's more efficient, it's cost effective, you can multitask, and your children keep you always thinking two steps ahead! It's ok to accept and celebrate your mom awesomeness=)