Friday, July 8, 2011

Mars in the twilight zone!

So the kids got new bikes today and once it cooled down we were out front with the bikes.  The kids were having so much fun.  Buba even was working the motorized four-wheeler. There was construction going on across the street though.  There seemed to be a lot of workers considering it was about 8pm. We start winding down and my neighbor ... You know that type of neighbor ... always knows the goings on. Anyway, she drove up and said that I should keep an eye out because the guys kept looking over, she said she “got that feeling." LOL I said ok! I will watch out for them.  She drives off and less then 5 minutes go by and a cop pulls up. I thought since my car was in the street on one side and the construction workers trucks were on the other side, he would tell us to move our cars because there’s not much room to get through.  NOPE! He goes over to the workers (who were packing up at this time) and starts questioning them.  Next another cop shows up and she ARRESTS one of the workers and throws him in a cop car.  So I tell the girls to go inside and get water and watch cartoons! Then ANOTHER car shows up.  All this in my quiet neighborhood that we JUST moved into.  I go in with the kids ... and peak through the window LOL There’s about 4 cars with their lights on and all the neighbors in my driveway talking to my husband about what was going on.  Apparently, some of the workers have been stealing bricks out of peoples yard and using them on the houses they are building.  They eventually let that guy go.  I can’t believe it!! What excitement this evening! I really hope that something is done if this is true though.

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