Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The moon circling Mars

So it’s not even noon yet and the day is not going very well or it is just plain ODD! I hurt my neck/back last night so I don’t have much mobility today.  I don’t even know what my house looks like outside of my bedroom.  Thank goodness my room opens up right into the living room. I was able to make breakfast and then that was it.  Buba has been hanging out with me most of the morning and then running into the living room and terrorizing the Mad Hatter, laughing the entire time.
I’m in bed and it was awfully quiet.  So I get up (slowly) and I look around and my kids are NO WHERE.  I look out back and the girls are sitting on the lawn chairs eating popsicles looking at something.  I look for what they are looking at and there is Buba ... stark ass naked running around in a circle while Lilly, out pekingese, following him.  The girls aren’t laughing or giggling.  They are just watching, licking their treat like this is normal behavior and an everyday thing.  I really should let him just run around naked outside.  I would save on diapers that way.  
I think this family may have a problem with underwear.  MH decided that sun dresses is her favorite thing to wear.  I figured whenever she wears them she doesn't wear underwear! Like today she ran in her and pulled her dress up to let me know she needed to go potty ... bare butt under the dress.  I guess she doesn't like panty lines, I don't know.


  1. Sounds like a great morning! Kids are managing themeselves, nourishing themselves, big sisters looking out for little brother, pets are being exercised...life sounds good at your house=)Naked time is good for you skin;)

  2. LOL Yea really!! It was so funny the girls were just watching like this is normal. This is what we do in the morning LOL