Monday, June 13, 2011

Commando in Joanns

Well, The Mad Hatter is at it again.  We did a little morning trip to Joanns Fabric.  Everything was just fine.  We went, got yarn and made it home. No real tantrums.  We get home start getting all the clothes together to wash.  Mad Hatter bends over in her sun dress and she has NO UNDERWEAR ON! We went to Joanns she was doing her little girl twirls and all that stuff in her little sun dress and the child had no underwear.  Just toddler cooder and booty.  I can NOT believe this.  I do what every mother does when they get to this age and let them dress themselves and let their personalities come through their fashion and here my daughter is going commander in the craft store. OMG! I will also be posting her new phobia of flies ... She is a crazy little girls. LOL
On another note.  I am embarking on a semi new craft.  I will start crocheting flowers with a smaller yarn or crochet thread.  I am going to try it out and hopefully can make some pretty good pieces.  I will post what I make and maybe can share some of my tricks. =)

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