Tuesday, January 24, 2012

High as a kite!

SO I decided to pick my blog back up! Today we had an accident with the Madd Hatter! She fell out of the Expedition and landed on her neck/head.  Her shoes got tangle in the diaper bag I had placed under her feet and when she was getting out ... BAM! So after weget her checked out and she as a little medicine she seems ok.  She actually seems ... drunk? high? My neighbor came over and MH came out, lined 3 chairs up and ran around and around and around and around and around them.  She didn't look like she would EVER stop.  She was talking about dog poop and cookies and asking why the cat was looking at her.  It was EXTREMELY WEIRD! THEN she moved the chairs and did "snow angels" in the carpet.  
I made her dinner thinking MAYBE food would make her normal ... yea, not so much.  My kids are allowed 1 Girl Scout Cookie after dinner. IF they were allowed more they would ALL be gone.  So we all got 1 thin mint. Madd Hatter comes out ... "Mommy? Did you eat your cookie?" 
"Yes, I ate it"
"Can I smell you tongue?"
"You want to smell me TONGUE?"
"Yes, I do! To smell the cookie!"
I think she is just weird, I don't think it's the meds I think she is just an odd little girl, but I love her.  She keeps everything interesting.

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