Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elevators, Magic and Prayer.

Today is Speech Therapy day for Big Mak.  We have started dropping her off and then I'll go get gas or go to Joanns for 30 minutes and come back to get her.  The girls always fight over who gets to push the elevator button.  Now Reeces Pieces has caught on and is able to push the outside button.  On our way back from getting gas today he ran up and pushed the button. So then, of course, Mad Hatter got to push the button inside. Well, I'm still knew with the whole Pieces pushing buttons so we are on our way up and then ... Yup ... You guessed it ... the elevator alarm starts to go off. Red lights blinking, MH scared out of her MIND! Pieces laughing HYSTERICALLY like this was best carnival ride EVER! He's steadily pushing and pushing and pushing that alarm button over and over and over. Luckily, we were the only people in the elevator and no one was there when we exited the elevator.  I pulled him up so he couldn't reach with the quickness and was able to STOP the madness rather quickly, but I really HOPE there weren't cameras in there and I REALLY HOPE it's not a crime to push the alarm! When we left there were no firemen or rescue workers so I THINK we are ok, but OH MY GOSH! Was it embarrassing.

It's Wednesday so dinner is nothing spectacular. We had "mascetti" and I have these mini beer mugs (that I stole from the last Army ball I went to sssshhhh I now have a set of 8 hehehehehe) that I put ice and Sprite in. This was AMAZING to my girls. Apparently my mascetti was MAGIC because when they stirred the pasta with the sauce ... the pasta turned RED! THIS was AMAZING.  We were half way through dinner and Big Mak says "STOP EATING!!!! We need to pray RIGHT NOW!" So we all stop and she thanks baby Jesus for the meal and THEN the Mad Hatter had to pray ... for the ice, for the mug, for the magic mascetti. I finally had to say "AMEN" so she would say it. Reeces Pieces loved the meal! I kept asking if he wanted more "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" and I gave him more and he'd eat it all up. "Want more?" 
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" so I gave him more and he'd eat it up.  I think we have entered into the "NO" stage.  Fabulous! Not to mention I took off his shoes when we got back from speech ... OH MY LANTA if this (not even 2 year old) boy doesn't have MAN smelling feet I don't know what.  And he thinks it's funny to put them in my face. Can't WAIT for those sports playing years.  I think I'll take stock on baking soda LOL

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