Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mars Dust

The Mad Hatter is playing outside like she loves to do on a fabulous Texas morning.  I watch her, but I don't WATCH her.  I know she's out there and I see little glimpses of her darting around.  She loves dirt.  I don't know what it is, but she is a dirt connoisseur.  Actual Texas dirt she does not like, but the dirt that was brought in the make the ground level for the foundation of the home is just great! She's out there with her shovels and hand rakes.  Having a grand ole time.  I glance out and see this ... 
Yes, that is a small shovel full of dirt she is tasting.

Spitting OUT the dirt.

   That is our fabulous Boston, 
Rocky.  He tolerates this type of activity.  And here is some more pictures of this activity.
So this is how the morning went.  A dirt tasting followed by a dirt shower.  I think Rocky should get a dog treat after this.

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