Monday, February 27, 2012

Sprinkles from Mars

Day 6 of Pinterest -
It’s a simple, but good recipe tonight.  Bite Size Apple Pie! Yuuuum, right?  Today is Monday so nothing was getting done today.  I stayed home all day waiting for repair guys to come and go.  Our 1 year warranty was up so they had to fix everything that was “broken” this far. Very boring! You know Mondays, does anyone enjoy them?
Ok the bite size apple pie ... I will make these again for parties maybe.  If I hosted a Scentsy open house or Bunco night I would for make these! I didn’t go too far off the original recipe, but I will post where I got it from below.
What you need - 1 cup sugar
      2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 
      2 tablespoon melted butter
      1 can Croissants
                1 apple (sliced)
We are done to 4 during the week so I don’t have to make as much.  If we had 5 I would use 1 more can of croissants and 1 more apple.  I rolled out the dough and you know how it is in 2 parts.  There’s a set of 4 triangles and then the other set of 4? You can see in the photo.  I had the 2 sections and mashed the lines together so there were no longer any triangles.  Painted butter on it sprinkled the sugar mixture on there (not all of it).  I took a pizza cutter and cut 1 inch strips (the shortest distance across) and then rolled 1 slice of apple in each strip.  Put on a cookie sheet, painted with butter, sprinkled more sugar on top and cooked until done ... 12-15 min I think.  I pulled them out when they looked done.   I just poured the rest of the sugar mixture in a container for the next time I may need it.  It got 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.  The Madd Hatter liked the bread and “sprinkles” she said, but not the baked apple ...
Where I got it ...

I didn’t do a craft today.  Monday is usually crazy with the homework and all.  I GUESS I could’ve done a non-kid craft, buuuuut I didn’t!  IMaybe starting at the end of the week or next week I will start trying some of the more difficult (or the ones that look more difficult) to see how those work out.

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