Friday, February 24, 2012

Double Whammy!

Day 3 of my year with Pinterest -
Today I took 2 recipes I saw on pinterest and had to substitute a little bit.  First we had burritos.  They were REALLY good.  Instead of doing it like on the blog, I used the Salsa Chicken we had 2 nights ago.  I still used rice (brown gluten free rice) and black beans.  The reason I say Gluten Free is because the Madd Hatter should be eating gluten free.  She does not have celiac, but the doctor recommended it. ANYWAY! I did everything else the same except I used the left overs from the Salsa Chicken. 
The verdict for our house was 4 outta 5 stars.  Madd Hatter is still sitting here trying to negotiate how many bites she needs to take.  She also slapped her sitter with the burrito across the face ... Blog to get the true recipe
Now the crock pot cheese cake ... I am the type of person that needs things spelled out for me.  You need a LARGE crock-pot for this project.  Large enough to fit a a pan full of cheese cake and have surrounding water in it.  I do not have a LARGE crock pot so what I did was take my dutch oven and I have a 5x5 bowl thing I put in to it with the surrounding water.  I had my oven a 400.  I don’t know if I NEEDED the surrounding water and dutch oven since I put it in the oven, but it didn’t burn.  I think it I would’ve just stuck it in the oven the edges would’ve burned.  Ok, tip 2, use an electric mixer to mix everything together.  It took my about 10 minutes to come up with this idea LOL  Tip 3 place your graham crackers in a ziplock smash with a spoon and THEN mix with the butter.  These MAY be things you would have automatically think of tip 2 and 3, but I didn’t so I’m passing this on to you. 
For some reason the link to the crock pot cheese cake blog isn’t working right now.
What you need - 3 8 oz bars of cream cheese
      3/4 sugar
      3 eggs
      6 graham crackers
      3 oz of butter
Mix the first 3 items together in a bowl until nice a fluffy! In a different bowl mix the crackers and butter together.  Put the cracker mixer at the bottom of your pan (I kept a little bit to sprinkle on top) then pour your cheese mixture over it.  You can either do what I did with the dutch oven OR you can do the same thing only use a crock pot.  Cook for about 2 - 2 1/2 hours then let cook for about 30 minutes.  Again this got 4 outta 5 stars.  The hubs wasn't a fan, but everyone else gobbled it up!

Before the microwave

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