Thursday, February 23, 2012

South West Mars

Day 2 on my Pinterest adventure.  I decided to make southwest egg rolls.  I will link you to the blog the recipe is on below.  They weren’t difficult to make.  I threw everything in my large measuring cup and mixed it together.  I’m not sure what kind of egg roll wraps I used because I can’t read what’s on the cover.  Honestly, I do not think I have the correct kind.  I don't know what I did wrong on the baking part, but mine stuck to the pan.  I use crisco as my nonstick agent and not a cooking spray so that could've been it.  The kids enjoyed it! So that's a WIN!!! I would use less corn and more beans next time I make them, but the seasoning was right on! If you want the recipe to the sauce I just whipped it up real quick.
You'll need - 1 cup salsa
                  2 tablespoons Spicy ranch dressing
                  2 tablespoons sour cream
Website for egg rolls -
everything mixed together
Before the oven

How they came out
You can see how they stuck on the pan and I had to scrap them off.

I decided to double Pinterest activities today.  The girls are playing with goo right now.  It wasn't difficult AT ALL! 
You need - 1 cup of Elmer's glue    
                1 cup of liquid starch
                Food coloring
You put the glue in a plastic bowl and mix the food coloring into it.  I used a mini spatula, but a spoon would work too.  Once you have the color you want then add the starch SLOWLY! I did 1/3 cup, mixed it, 1/3 cup and really that's all I used.  I didn't use the full cup of it.  I used my hands to kneed the glue into the starch.  

Too little for the goo. Maybe the next craft he'll be able to do.

A little tip, whatever surface your playing with the goo on tape some plastic wrap on there.  It's not sticky or really messy, but this way I didn't have to wipe down my table.  Plus it smells a little funny.

Now time for the funny segment of my blog! Madd Hatter went outside today to play.  It was almost 90 degrees today.  She came back in and said she "loooooooved laying on the dirt"  it was nice and warm. So we started to play a little bit and I was spinning her around.  I had her cradled, her head was back and her mouth was open.  I saw brown on her back molars. I asked "what were you eating?" She smiles and says "diiiiiiiirt! *giggle giggle* the dirt was good today!" So my daughter was outside in a sleeping beauty costume, laying on the ground, snacking on the dirt .... HHHmmmm!

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