Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flowers from Mars

Still going strong on Pinterest!
Ok. I’ve seen people pinning these paper flowers.  I thought EASY PEASY! Mmmm not so much.  The ones I did weren’t hard I just didn’t like doing that much cutting.  I know this sounds silly, but I had to pay attention.  They weren’t straight lines, you know what I mean?  ANYWAY! I made 3 and gave them to my daughter.  She had an award ceremony today.  Her school learns virtues and the teacher pick what student demonstrated that virtue the best.  My daughter was awarded Perseverance. I was excited!
Back to the flowers! What you need - Paper (I used the paper I use for scrapbooking)
      Toothpick (or something small to poke through)
      Pen or pencil
      Oh and the stencil which I will link you to below

This is what I needed
I made 3 flowers so I cute out 3 of each shape.  Once they are cut you take the flower and you should fold them.  This is so they aren’t laying flat on each other.  I don’t know if you can really see, but I drew lines in the back and then folded on those lines.

The lines on the back                                                                               And how it will look after folded
Then I went to the stem. You fold the triangle part until it’s as skinny as you can get it. Then you twirl that rectangle piece into a coil

Then went to curling the leaves on the flowers.
I took the toothpick and made a small hole in the middle of all the pedals
Then push the stem all the way through.

And that is how I made the paper flowers!

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