Sunday, February 26, 2012

Waterfalls and Smurfs

Day 5 of Pinterest -
No recipes today ... well, maybe an experiment recipe.  Today I tried the waterfall braid.  I have seen it on a hair blog I follow and then I saw people pinning it on Pinterest so I wanted to give it a shot. I flat ironed my hair and gave it a shot. Once I got the rhythm down it wasn’t difficult.  My honest opinion is it’s not for short thick hair.  I think if my hair was longer and in it’s curly state it would have worked GREAT, if my hair was thinner it would’ve worked GREAT! My hair is shoulder length right now and I don’t think it looked as good as it could’ve.  PLUS, my hair straight doesn’t act the same as white hair acts straight ... if that makes sense LOL I love the idea just not for my hair at this time.

Another thing we did today is the fabulous oldie, but goodie ... Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? Starch and water.  
What you need - Corn Starch
      Food coloring
Don’t ask me the measurements because I dumped some corn starch in and then mixed in water until it looked and acted correctly. Bubba didn’t like the taste so only played for a couple of minutes.  Madd Hatter is still playing and has it on her knees and hands, everywhere!  Big Mak got a spoon played for a few minutes and was done.  She doesn’t like to get dirty.  So 3 out of 3 stars here (3 kids 3 stars is how I did that LOL) BUT two lost interest due to taste and dirty factor.  GRANTED, it isn’t meant to be eaten, but it’s corn starch and water ... Tip - Lay something over the table before playing ... UGH going to have to wipe this down. =/

I hope you all are trying some of these things out! I know that some times you see things that people say are “SO EASY!” and then you try it out and it’s the most difficult and frustrating thing EVER! HOPEFULLY, my blog will get more followers and show you all that some stuff REALLY is easy and some stuff not so much LOL

Cute Section -

So I put blue food coloring in the guck mixture.  Madd Hatter has blue hands and I'm not sure how well I will be able to get it off.   So I told her "Oh No! Now you're a smurf!" She stares at her hands and says "OH NO! I need to be white again so I can be in your family!" As you can see in the photos I have black kids (my mom is white so MAYBE that's her "white card" LOL) She is still staring at her hands with a worried look.  She just now asked me since now she's a smurf "Do I get to be on the TV with the Smurfs? AAAAHHHH I'm stuck in the TV! I can't be in the TV right now!" Let's see if I can scrub my Smurf so she can fit into our white family LOL (edited tip - I used Mary Kay Satin Hands hand scrub it worked pretty well. she still is blue around the finger nails)

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