Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 4 of Pinterest

Day 4 of Pinterest
I decided to do a recipe that was basically a chicken mixture wrapped in a croissant and it got 5 out of 5 stars here in the house.  BUT in true Mars fashion I changed up the recipe a smidge.  I will post the blog I got this from below. My way ...
You need - the BIG and flakey Pillsbury croissants
      chicken quarters (the leg and thigh piece)
      reduced fat cream cheese (trying to keep my girlish figa)
        shredded cheese
What I did was bought already seasoned chicken quarters (for SOME odd reason the lemon pepper seasoned chicken was cheaper then the plain).  I put them on a cookie sheet and turned up the sides of the tin foil.  I put a couple splashed of white wine on there and covered with tin foil and cooked through.  I pulled off all the meat and shredded it.  Mixed in about 3/4 of the cream cheese and about a hand full of the cheese and mixed.  When you lay out the rolls mash them down a bit to spread them out.  I always use the big and flakey ones when I’m going to put something in them because there’s more room for stretching the dough. THEN I baked everything. We are family of 4 1/2 and I made 2 cans of rolls ... we only needed 1, but the hubs can take it with him to school and stuff.  I served the rolls, green beans and the kids got apples also. This was a quick make! Minus chicken cook time it took maybe 10 minutes.  Next time I make this I probably won’t use that much cream cheese and I will probably use spinach or something in there.  Also I used chicken on the bone because I think it tastes WAY better then not.  
Blog -

The chicken cheese mixture

The cooked chicken quarters

This is one rolled up and one ready to be rolled

Ta Da all done!

I did not do a craft today we are going to save it for tomorrow.  Today was award day for Big Maks basketball and that took most of the day and we are all exhausted. Big Mak is part of a league for special needs kids.  It was so funny watching Pieces run around with his belly sticking out.  There was a 17 year old girl there that will be singing at a benefit concert we are doing to raise money for a field for the kids.  ANYWAY, Pieces was ALL over her.  Smiling in her face, sitting on her lap, he was all about this girl Hannah.  LOL 

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