Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm Baaaaack

So I decided to go back to blogging.  I have a lot of things planned and let's be honest ... If I don't write it down then I probably won't go through with it.
So an update ... We have moved back to Alaska! The same place we were 3 years ago. So I've decided to bust out the sewing machine and see what type of things I can whip up. There's an awesome fashion blogger, Mimi G, that revamps those not so cute, but could be cute, but you have no idea how to make it cute patterns. I got some today at Joanns so be on the look out for my pieces.
My kids are still insane it's mermaid craft day! Clothes pins, foam sheets and glitter! BAM!
I will be blogging often about my oldest. She was diagnosed as intellectually disabled this past August. She and I think it's extremely important and part of her purpose to bring awareness and change the minds of those who thing mental retardation means less than. When for my Makiyla it means fabulous!

Ok we did the mermaids and they are CUTE! But the girls don't really know what to with them now that they are all done decorating ... my son took some and ran around like they were airplanes though.  Good craft to use up things I already had ... foam sheets, sequins, glitter and paint. I just bought the clothes pens. Soooo if we get another long weekend because of the weather we might make them again ... or maybe try airplanes ;)