Thursday, July 12, 2012

Glitter Wall

I saw on Pinterest that you could do a glitter accent wall with glue & glitter. I wasn't sure about the glue. I have put glue on walls PLENTY O TIMES & it peals off easily. So I looked for a clear paint. It does exists, but I only found 5 gallon tubs & it was mainly for sealing in projects. I kept looking because I wasn't too sure about it. Then I found a Faux Glaze by Behr. It was $27 for a gallon (a little pricey) they also sell a pint for &14. You're supposed to mix it with a color for sponging & such on walls. It looks white, but dries clear. It's to lighten a color or make it milky. Sooo I just added glitter! I made the mistake of buying the chunky glitter. What you need is the dusty glitter. I used silver & the cream color I already had of the dust type glitter. A pint would've covered the wall & then some, but I'm going to use the full gallon for other walls in the house (without glitter lol).

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