Thursday, May 17, 2012

Milk in the trash

I am a PROUD Starbucks gold card member.  I recharge that thing every pay day and then on outings we go by there.  The Madd Hatter either likes a Double Chocolaty ship OR a Hot Chocolaty Chip (hot chocolate) Bubba gets a chocolate milk in the carton. Today I asked MH what she wanted "I want the milk in the trash!" I had NO IDEA what this was so instead of the drive thru we went in.  She grabs the carton milk ... Technically she is correct, the carton ends up in the trash so logically it is milk in trash, right?  So I pay and Bubba is having a holy FIT! There was a guy there joking saying "Give that kid some milk! He needs his milk!" LOL It was insanity, but funny.  I told the guy he was a milkaholic and he is getting treatment. LOL
The drive home was interesting.  MH asked if cows jump over the moon. I told her only in fairytales and if we waited for a cow that we see daily to jump over the moon we'd be waiting a really long time.  THEN I got a milk from a cow lesson from my 3 year old.  According to her people in a factory make the milk and they take it to the cows and put it in their bellies.  THEN a farmer comes and squeezes their bellies and the milk comes out.  While all this is going on the cow is saying "Moooooo". That is how we get the milk we buy at the store.  I'm not sure why we just don't cut out the middle man.  Seems like an awful lot of work for some milk.  She also schooled me on aliens.  I told her they like to make pictures in corn fields.  Apparently aliens HATE corn! They only drink milk from cows. 
I DO have a craft, but it is going to take me several days. I KNOW you all are soooo disappointed LOL BUT I wanted to tell you all about where milk comes from.  I thought you all needed the knowledge.  

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