Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Skirt

I went to Joanns today and got 6 yards of jersey fabric from Joanns.  They had 45 in and 52.  I got the 52.  I came home a and WASHED! If there's anything you learn from my blog is WASH YOUR FABRIC BEFORE YOU SEW!!!! Ok then I laid it out on the floor.  I had 2 yards of each color.  I used the gray today and once it was laid out I folding it about 1/4 in.  I guess you can cut the 2 yards in half and then fold the yard in half.  Fold it so the length of the skirt (at this time) is the 52 inches.  I then cut the raw edge in a diagonal so it looked roughly like a skirt.  Then I cut about 4 inches off the top where the waist would be and kept that piece. I wrapped it around myself to see if it was too big and cut a couple more off the diagonal so it fit better. Sew the rough edges together (I used a triple stitch again).  I then hemmed the skirt.  I took that 4 inch piece and did a very small hem on one side all the way down.  Fold that in half a pin the skirt inside of it.  So the band and the skirt together.  I had 1 1/2 in elastic.  I just wrapped it around my waste and cut.  I ran it through the band at the top of the skirt.  Sew the elastic together and then fold in one side the band (just so there is no rough edges showing.) Sew that AND the elastic together.  This is so when you wash it the elastic won't twist around.  EASY RIGHT! I have seen these skirts ALL THE TIME. Very casual, comfortable still cute ... $15.  I paid $10 for 2 yards.  Stay tuned for tomorrow maybe there will be a tank =)
The original cut and band

After the diagonal and sewing it together I got a tail if you can see

I cute the tail to make the skirt even

This is the hemmed band being sewn onto the top of the skirt

Shoving the elastic

End product.  Sorry had no one to take the photo for me

I had to have my model in a photo

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