Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flip Flop Redo

I saw this on Pinterest, THOUGHT I pinned it, but didn't so I apologize to the blog I got this from because I can't find where I saw it or exactly how they did it.  SO I did trial and error and got it (not that hard. Mainly pictures ... The only thing I didn't picture was I burned the fabric that was under the flip flop by the knots.
What you need flip flops (I got these for $1), 4 strips of fabric.  I did little girl flip flops so for those I suggest a 3 - 3 1/2 inch wide strip and for adult probably 4-5 inch depending on pattern and how much you want to saw. Here you go =)

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Cut off the nubs off the bottoms and take off the plastic part

Cut points on the fabric

Shove both fabric through the toe hole

tie a double knot

I did a knot that would go on top of the toes.  So leave a little space FOR the toes.

You can knot the straps however you want.  All knots or no knots it doesn't matter.

Then shove them throw the holes by the heels and knot. (Again I burned the little edges so the fabric kind of stuck to itself)

Basic end product.  The smaller the foot I would use thinner strips. I used 5 in on these and wish I used 3.  You and even do a fabric flower for the side.  Add a back strap just sew some fabric together and put elastic in there and knot it through like the others.  It's really easy and a play and see type thing.

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