Monday, May 14, 2012

A "fancier" pillow case dress

Ok Soooo I got the idea to make a pillow sack SHIRT for myself from a redeployment photo a friend posted of FB.  Her daughter had a pillow case (or are the potato sack dresses well whatever) dress on as a top.  I thought HOW CUTE! It's flowy, you can wear leggings under it.  ANYWAY,  I made myself the top all I needed to do was hem it and guess who comes home from school ... twirling it, commenting on how she LOVES purple and how my top is purple and how she LOVES purple dresses.  Like every mom on a guilt trip put on by their daughter would do.  I slimmed the top down and now it's her dress.  
I used that jersey fabric I bought several days ago at 54 inches.  I folded the 54 inches in half and then estimated how wide I am (or how wide the person you are making it for.  I then cut the arm section.  Just a little triangle on each side.  Sew the the 2 sides together.  NOT the arm section.  After that hem the shoulder section so the rough edge isn't showing.  I then hemmed the neck section.  I did a huge section about 2 - 2 1/2 inches because you're going to put a ribbon though it.  I made the ribbon like I made the ribbon to the dress yesterday. And that is it! What makes this dress "fancier" then the other pillow cases dresses is this one has a cute bow and it's tad bit more form fitting. =)
What I have to put up with when I sew at a time OTHER then nap or bed time

Again with the little man standing on my project

The dress cut and the sides sewn

The arm section hemmed

The neck line hemmed

And the dress on

The bow =)

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