Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sundress Anyone?

Ok I bought a tube top sun dress a couple summers ago for $25 I think it was and it was on sale.  This one I bought a little over 1 1/2 yards I bought the rest of the bulk so I'm not sure of the exact amount.  I am going to say buy 2 yards.  This print was $4 a yard. So you need 2 yards of fabric and some elastic.  I had 1/2 inch elastic ($1.88 for 3 yards at Walmart).  So under $10 for this dress.  
AGAIN I have no pattern.  Your body is the patter I guess.  I measured my hips.  That is the widest part of your body in this dress.  Cut the fabric that wide.  I then slipped on the tube of fabric (inside out) and marked where it needed to go in and where my hips were going to be.  Then I sewed the fabric again so that it was hour glass-ish shape.  SINCE my fabric was white I put in a panel on the front for more boobage coverage.  I then measured a strip of elastic to go under the boobs (under the arm to under the arm.  Then I sewed where it would fit under the boobs.  Make sure you are pinning the elastic so it will be in the correct place and when you sew make sure to use zigzag stitch and PULL the elastic as you sew.  Then you measure elastic for the top part.  hem the top and stick the elastic in.  Then hem the bottom.  BOOM $25 dollar dress for $10. =) 
The fabric and the model

Hem at the top for the top elastic

The panel sewn in and slowing cutting the hour glass shape

The bottom and top elastic 

How much I leave when sewing

OH YEA! I made a bow.  I cut 2 2 1/2 in strips the longest I could get.  Sewed 3 sides together.  Turned it right side out and then ironed.  Then sewed the last side.  I also put a small stitch in the dress and ribbon because I ALWAYS lose those things in the wash.

End product (before I hemmed the bottom LOL)

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