Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kids V-Day

I'm going to be honest here, my kids Valentines Day cards are not REALLY what my kids want.  They are a way to express MY crafty. Yes, MY crafty. And yes, this is the only time I judge. I'm being honest here ... your kids give my kid just a card from the Walmart pack ... massive FAIL. At least make a gum butterfly or cut out mustaches to put on suckers because what happens to those boring paper cards? They get trashed the minute the kids walk in the door.
AGAIN, being honest I did but Mak 2 packs of those lame cards. She has 2 classes to give to and my crafty only goes so far. Her mainstream class is getting little cards, but we added pencils & tatoos. Even if you're not crafty glue gum or a kiss to those cards for fun! Her main class is getting bubbles that say "your fabulousness blows me away" we haven't finished those yet so no photos. I wanted to get this blog out incase people needed last minute ideas. Walmart has 8 packs of bubbles for less than $3. Print out a cute saying, hole punch and tie around the bubbles with ribbon. CUTE!
Madd Hatter decided she would like to do the fortune cookies from my Martha Stewart mag. Luckily I had everything! You need ...
Felt (cut into 4 inch circles)
Wire (cut into 3 (ish) inch pieces)
Ribbon (same color as the felt)
Craft glue
We cut the felt into circles, glued the wire in the middle. Glue ribbon to cover the wire. I let it dry while I watched Last Vegas and the girls played. So that's 2 hours I guess.  Then we bent the wire at the middle and folded the felt over to make the cookie shape. I think we are going to have glue the corners shut or else the candy falls out. We are using 2 caramel fill kisses to fill them and, of course, a strip of paper she wrote Happy V-Day on.
Ok so tips I learned would be 1 sheet of felt made four 4" circles and I glued the wire, put another stripe of glue then put on the ribbon. Seemed to work better that way.
Valentines is a fun holiday.  There's nothing really connected to it. It's not Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter so there's no lesson that the kids need to keep in mind. I love all holidays and teaching my kids about why we have them, but after THE holidays it's fun to have one that is just about candy and telling your friends "I like you! You're a neat person" ...... aaaaaand showing off your crafty. I hope you all have a fun V-Day and you do FUN cards with your kids.

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