Monday, February 3, 2014

Wen, Meaningful Beauty & Younique

I am the person that infomercials aim to hit. I soak up everything.  I totally need a bacon bowl maker, even though all it really is is a muffin pan upside down. I seriously need that knife nothing sticks to because, let's be honest, I'm too lazy just to peel the piece of food off. I mean these products are AMAZING so when there's a 30 minute infomercial ... the products have to work, right?
I started the Wen hair care line and Meaningful Beautiful before I decided to start my blog again so no photos.  Let me be clear this is just my own opinion about these products. I've tried them out and am just saying how they feel, look and how easy (or not) they are to use for me and my family. I didn't do a poll or look at other data to come up with my conclusions. I simply used to product as directed. So take my opinion for what it's worth ... a mom of 3 who saw these products and decided to try them out. 
I'll start with Wen. This is a hair care system that is supposed to give you better hair then you would get with the regular shampoo/conditioner you buy in stores. I ordered the 90 day package. Wen is a reoccurring order, you order then every 30 or 90 days you get charged and a new order shows up at your door. They have different scents, I got winter cranberry. Smells really good! My bonus products are scents like vanilla mint and I have a lemon something too. All smell really great and even though I mix all the scents my hair smells really good. Even on the days I don't wash (washing everyday is bad for your hair)
Let's do some hair background! I'm half white & half black which gives me hair not like either side of the family.  It was kind of fly by the seat of your pants hair care growing up. I don't have black hair so grease and that stuff doesn't work. I don't have white hair so I need more than just conditioner, a leave in is a must.  I was iffy about Wen because my hair care routine (when my hair is down and out) is a tad complex.  Wash, condition, leave in conditioner, let sit, a little more conditioner, moose, let sit, style then hairspray. I thought IF Wen can cut out some steps it would be worth the money.  I'm on week 2 with Wen. They say results in 3. Right off the bat I like it! I do the conditioning cleanser and that's it in the shower. Instantly 1 step down! No shampoo. They do suggest you use a lot of pumps. I think they said 10 or something.  I use about 4 to 5 for my shoulder length, thick curls. Keep it in for your whole shower then rinse. I also got the extra conditioner, Sixthirteen. 2 pumps on soaking wet hair. I towel dry and with those 2 things I can finger comb. My hair is knot free and smooth. On a regular day that's all I do. For my "down hair" I add the anti frizz gel and replenishing spray. I still put some moose in, but really the Wen products all I need.
I was worried about no foaming action when cleansing. My super scientific experiment was simply this ... to scratch my head to see if I get that "stuff" under my nails like if you didn't wash for a couple days and I don't.  I never wash on Sundays and usually my hair gets that crunchy feel. Not with this product. My hair is soft and my ends aren't all crazy in the morning. Even my whispies (that fringe hair around your face) are calmer. So I'm sold with this.  I even use it on my girls. I no longer need detangler. I still use hairmilk on them, though. I just don't like how it's an auto order product. BUT Wen is great!
Now Meaningful Beauty. This is Cindy Crawford's Europeans, melon extract blah blah skin care. Being 31 I'm not really concerned with wrinkles, but I do have dark circles. I decided to watch the space between my eyes and my dark circles. Again I went for the gusto and bought the larger package. It's A LOT of steps. Once again the cleanser does not foam. I'm thinking foaming may only be good for your laundry and your dishes. The cleanser is REALLY great. The bottle says to put it on your dry face. I wet my hands then put on the cleanser. It removes makeup (including eye makeup) REALLY well. If I don't buy anything else this is my new cleanser. The eye cream is good too. My circles are several shades lighter. I also got some serums and neck creams. They feel really nice, but again being the age that I am fading wrinkles isn't a need for me right now. The product smells really good and fresh. My skin does feel smooth and moisturized. I don't get the oil sheen later on in the day or when I wake up. The jury is still out on some of the products, but the cleanser and the eye cream are great. The space between my eyes is a little smoother when it comes to that crinkle you make when you frown. The bad thing is that this is another reoccurring ordering product. If you want to just order one or 2 items then you can't be a "member" and you'll pay more for the products. BUT I don't know how you can get to the part of the webpage without being a member with a password. So maybe the higher prices are just to make us members feel better.
Younique is a makeup direct sales company. I have seen all over facebook about their 3D mascara. SO you know I had to order. The girl I ordered from sent me a couple of instructional links. My case didn't come with instructions, but by the youtube tutorial I watched I think I was supposed to get one. You get this nice case with 2 mascara tubes in it. One has the gel and the other has the fibers. You're supposed to put mascara on, then the gel, then fibers, let sit, then gel, let sit. Repeat gel, fiber, rest sequence until you get the effect you want. Problem ... I couldn't do it. I don't know what I did wrong, but I didn't get it. Looked like I was wearing my regular mascara. I tried it twice and it ended up the same both times. Once with a mascara base and once without. I decided to give it one last shot today for the sake of giving it a good review on here! It looks THE SAME! I don't know what else to do about it. I'm a simple makeup gal so if it takes 3 to 4 tries and I still look like I'm wearing my $6 mascara instead of the $30 set then I say fail. Here are some photos. I did 1 photo without anything and 1 photo with 1 eye with my drug store mascara and 1 eye with the 3D. My 5 year old couldn't tell the difference.  I did 3 coats of each.  I really want this product to work so I will continue to try it out, but I've googled more tutorials, I've read things on their website. I mean it shouldn't be this hard, right? I'm supposed to look like I have full lashes like I'm wearing falsies and I just don't.  I even had Mad Hatter hold my phone so I can go along with the youtube tutorial. You decide =) excuse the flattering photos ... I was trying to get a good photo of the lashes lol

The photo below is the 2 different mascaras. The eye on the left side of your screen is the 3D (3 coats) and on the right side of your screen is my drugstore mascara (3 coats) 
And here is my naked lashes =) 

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