Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today I did 3D pillows.  I saw something like this at Joanns awhile ago so I thought I'd give it a shot.  So I got some regular throw pillows at Joanns.  You can get whatever size you want.  Friends of ours have twins and they have a theme, Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I had to order the fabric and it's sooo cute! Just some regular cotton fabric (make sure to wash) Then I got felt, NOT the 99 cent sheets, but from the yardage section.  I got a half yard in the really tall felt.  I got red, blue and white.  The white was to put on the back of the fabric since felt is so strong you can't just sew it on to cotton fabric and not have it pull. 

 I then took a black bean can and traced about 52 circles and cut them out for one 14 x 14 throw pillow.  I then cut a 16 x 16 square out of each color and the fabric.  I then took the circles and made them like tacos and pinned the center of the tacos on the same colored felt square.  Alternating where the tacos go.  

How the finish should look ... only nicer LOL
I then sewed straight down the middle of the tacos.  I sewed down the entire row.  One long stitch.  Once all the taco rows are sewn on I then made a pillow case.  I placed the cotton onto the white felt and took the tacos and placed them on top of the fabric and sewed 3 sides.  MAKE SURE you place the pieces so that when you pull them right side out it should look exactly how you want to see it.  Once the 3 sides are sewn pull it right side out and shove that pill in there.  And then sew that last side together.  Fold over each side and then sew together so there is a nice finish.  AND THEN you have an awesome 3D pillow!   These pictures DO NOT do them justice.  They are so awesome I can't get over it LOL  I will be making my kids some.

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