Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Today I did shelving for Madd Hatters room.  Her book self broke and the books have been on the floor.  I do want to do one more thing to make them more secure, but I will note that towards the end. Ok I picked ANOTHER pin that had NO instructions whatsoever just a picture.  Here's the link -

What you need for my shelves - wood (I got 4 foot in length)
                                                   sprinkles (AKA glitter)
                                                   metal rings
You're going to have to excuse my terms because I don't hang out at Lowes wood section very often.  So I got 2 shelf looking pieces of wood that were 4 feet long.  I cut one of them in half.  I painted them.  I had some little cans of indoor paint from other projects.  They took awhile to dry.  Once you have all the coats you need on there, if you're using glitter, do one more light coat and then sprinkle the glitter on.
While those were drying I cut the rope and put it around the metal ring.  I twisted the rope to make it look a tad more interesting.  The picture I pinned used fabric, but with rope you can adjust your final knot incase you cuts are off.  The fabric in the picture I took this from looks sewn. There's no adjusting after it's done, it would be a total due over. 
After everything is dry and the rope rings put together I put screws in the wall and put them up.  As I started to put books on it the larger shelf started to fall forward.  What I am going to do it get some U shaped nails and nail the rope to the front of the shelf. 
I think they turned out cute! I MIGHT have spray painted clear paint to hold the sprinkles even better, but I didn't.  Have fun making shelves!! I'm going to see if I can make a hammock chair and hang it by the shelves.  Could be a REALLY cute reading corner.

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  1. Thats looks very nice. I wonde rif your room looks that nice.