Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Breakout tool!

Tonight I decided to try something that was pinned several times by people I follow.  I'm not sure on the blog it's on.  I just saw the photo and knew I could make it.  It's a GREAT idea.  Basically, it's a piece of cloth to cover the door latch.  So when you put your kids to bed it's easy to check on them without messing with the door.  I wanted to make one because Bubba is in a big boy bed now and at night I really don't want him to be "locked in" his room.  This way I can shut his door, but if he wakes up in the middle of the night he can open the door and come to my room.  WHICH he does every morning.  
Ok - What you need - fabric
                                   felt (I used 20% wool felt I just had it in my scrap basket)
                                   hair ties
                                   sewing machine (I'm sure you can do it with a needle and embroidery thread. make it look cute that way)
YES! Purple hair ties! They were the only matching not used ties!

I am NEVER a measure person unless I'm making a quilt so what I did was take the felt to the door and made it as long as door knob base to door knob base.  I cut it to make a square.  I then cut the fabric a little larger then the felt.  Side note I had 2 squares of the felt.  I took 1 fabric square and felt and sewed it together (see photo).  I then took the other fabric square and hair ties.  I pinned the fabric to the sewn pieces and pinned the hair ties on either side.  I hope I am making sense because I feel like I'm not.  I hope my photos can explain better.  When you sew over the hair ties make sure you back stitch over them and then go forward again.  At least have 3 passes on the hair ties.  Also use a zig-zag stitch.  That seems to hold elastic better then the straight stitch. 
Ok, you can see I wrapped the first fabric piece around the felt and then did like a hem  with the other piece making a sandwich

Anyone that knows me I HATE to spend money on things that I KNOW I can make myself for WAY cheaper.  Are the ones being pinned on Pinterest cuter this mine?  ABSOLUTELY! How long did this take me? (an unorganized, always rushing crafter) about 20 minutes.
The purple isn't so bad with the green and red, right?

I am glad I used 2 piece of felt.  I'm sure regular felt will work just fine too

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