Monday, March 5, 2012


I have seen a lot of landscape and garden type posts on Pinterest lately.  I didn't do EXACTLY what I wanted, but that's because I only had 1 shrub.  What the blog said was to fill in all space to give your entryway more inviting.  So I think I'm going to pull up the bushes that were there and place rosemary in the back and then get some smaller shrubs for the middle and then ground cover for the front.  FOR SURE heat friendly plants.  ANYWAY! I have one rosemary bush and I planted it and it's fabulous!!

Madd Hatter and I made a mosaic stepping stone.  AGAIN, Make wasn't into it.  I'm assuming everyone knows how to make one, but this is what you need - stone (I got at Joanns Fabric they have an entire section)
  broken tile, dishes, glass, any bits you want on the stone
  Plastic mold
Mix the stone and pour it in the mold.  I let it sit for about 10 minutes or so.  I had broken polish pottery plates that my beautiful son threw off the table because he thought it was funny! They were pretty big chunks so I put them in a bag smashed them them with a hammer (outside).  Then Madd Hatter and I put them all over the stone.  It's supposed to sit for 12 hours I believe so it's sitting on the counter, but still really cute and wanting to sit next to my rosemary bush!

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