Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chili and bouncy balls

I did 2 Pinterests today - Bouncy Balls and Chicken Chili
The Bouncy Balls were an EPIC fail! I have no idea what happened, but we tried it 3 times and each time turned out different and not bouncy.  So here's the blog I got it from.  I think it is VERY sneaky because now that I look more closely at the picture they are STORE BOUGHT balls! NOT home made! =/

SEE!! See how LOW my kid has to get to the ground to "bounce" this thing?!

I did just what they said.  We mixed it, I took it out when it was sticky making the ball, rolling, rolling, rolling, it was getting less sticky.  Finally firm (enough) bounced it ... 2 inches TOPS. Kept rolling, maybe it needed to get harder.  It never got super hard like a store bought bouncy ball.  The Madd Hatter played with it.  She had fun with it for about 20 minutes and then I found it on the floor flattened with a hole pocked through it.  Epic Fail!
Second Pinterest was this Chicken Chili and it turned out GREAT! Madd Hatter and I put everything in the crock pot this morning (Mak isn't really into our Pinterest activities as of late) The only thing I did different was instead of all the seasoning that is listed in the recipe blog I used the home made taco sauce I made with the creamy salsa chicken in the crock pot (I believe it's 4 or 5 entries back).  I put in a teaspoon and a half of that and it turned out GREAT! I'm also not a fan of kidney beans so I used more black beans.  Black beams make it look prettier I think.  Kidney beans fade into the red sauce. It was a lot for us.  The hubs is gone this weekend.  Next time I make it he will be here and I will pack up the left overs so he can take it to school with him.  Here is the link to where I got this recipe

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