Friday, March 2, 2012

The Lorax

So I MAY have cheated on my pinterest, BUT everyone has been posting about The Lorax and Dr. Suess so we went and saw the movie today.  Like every movie modeled off of a book I say read the book first.  The movie shows the result of the boy listening to the Oncelers story.  That's why I think it's so cute.  The kids get to see it.  In the book they have to imagine what the boy does with the seed.  Imagination is good, but does the seed die? Does he find dirt? CLEAN water? Now we know.
What age should you take to the movies to see the movie.  I took all 3, even the 22 month old.  He was SOOOO excited.  When the short little villan came on all you heard was "yyyYYYYYYEAAAAAH!" He laughed through ALL the songs.  He sat and watched it he was just loud.  It was like his version of a football game.  "yyYYYYYEEEAAAHHHH!" and some "NNNnnnNNNNOOOOOOO!"  The bright colors were VERY exciting to him.
So you spend a million dollars when you go to the movies.  Especially a 3D movie.  SINCE you are paying a million dollars you might as well get the WHOLE experience and spend a million dollars on refreshments.  Both girls got candy and then I got the #2 (large popcorn and 2 sodas) both girls were to share the Sprit and Reeces Pieces would have some sips of my Coke. UUUuuumm NO.  It was more like I had a few sips of my Coke.  He drank an ENTIRE large Coke AND ate most of the large popcorn.  I thought his tummy was going to explode.  It felt like a nice ripe grape.
Anyway,  The Lorax 3D was a great time for a Friday night and it wasn't that packed!

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