Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fab Signs

I've been seeing signs posted lately.  Cutes signs about being a mom, military wife, having a clean house with kids.  Whatever it is there's a sign.  SO I have made my sister and myself those Home Is Where The Army Sends Us signs and a fellow student in my hubs program asked if I could make her one.  I said SURE! Just pay for materials! SO that's what it's about today.
I wanted a cool gift for my sister and wanted one of those signs.  I was quoted by 2 different ladies one was around $45 and another was at $60 for a sign and 2 slates.  UUUuuummm NO! Are you KIDDING! Wood slates at lowes (that make 2 slates for a sign) Cost $2 and the plaque for the top of the sign is at Hobby Lobby for $6. OR if you have a jig saw you can buy the wood at Lowes for $3 and create the flag shape.  I use paint markers (a set of 5 is $10) and I used acrylic paint which is $2 a color.  That's about $25 in materials and the paint and markers you can use for more then one sign.  This is why I just make my own stuff! AND Its super easy!!
What you need - a plaque (found at Hobby Lobby)
                           Slates (from Lowes or thinner slates from Joanns)
                          Acrylic paint
                          Paint Marker
                          Craft Rope
                          clean spray paint for outdoors
                          screw eyes (97 cents)

Ok first I decide how I want the sign, horizontal or vertical, then I cut the slates the length of the sign.  The sign I did today I did horizontally.  I try to keep it going Red, White, Blue.  So if I paint the sign blue then I would make the first slate red then white then blue and so on.  
 Basically, paint the wood with several coats and then once dry write on them. LOL (TOTALLY NOT WORTH $20-$40 for someone to do) DON'T dry in the oven or with heat.  I did that with my first sign and the slates I used heat on have faded.  I don't use special calligraphy or ANYTHING.  I just write in caps and then where the lines meet I make a dot.
Once I write everything and draw stars (free hand 1st grade stars) I then spray paint them with outdoor spray paint. Once dry I put the eye screws in.  I measure where to put the eye screw by 1 finger.  The length of my finger from the edge is where it goes.  Once all of them are set I tie a simple knot with the rope to connect everything.

And then that is it.  A $60 sign done in 2 hours with $25.  I have seen some FABULOUS signs.  Mine are basic, cute and exactly what I wanted.  I don't want to pay $5 for a slate when we move or have another baby when wood at Lowes is $2 and I can make TWO slates.  I can't do it.  SO if you're like me and HATES over priced stuff for things you can do yourself ... HERE YOU GO!!  I've made 3 signs so far with the same tubes of paint, markers, craft rope and spray paint and still have tones more.  AND you can make all those other cute signs you've seen pinned. Happy Sign Making!

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