Saturday, March 31, 2012


I have been seeing lists that say "8 things to do with your boys", "50 summer time activities" on Pinterest.  Well, my mom is really into something called Geocaching.  It's basically a world wide scavenger hunt, but not.  People hide things ... go into the website that's like a data base for the caches.  They log the coordinates THEN you go out and see if you can find it and what type of item they hid.  You write that you were there, log it in the data base (which is kinda like a facebook-ish website without the wall and status updates).  
That's what geocaching is in a nut shell, BUT they have things called challenges.  Today my girls and I did a challenge.  We went to this wilderness park and did a hike.  The challenge was to find something strange on the trail.  Madd Hatter had a wooden giraffe with her and left it in the middle of the trail.  I picked it up AFTER taking a photo of it as my something weird.  It just makes an outdoor thing FUN! I remember growing up my mom would say "Let's go for a walk" UGH! WHY?!!!!! But then she'd point out stuff.  One time we found these baby lizards with everything, but their heads in the dirt because it was soooo cold.  She always had us looking.  Once we saw a bunch of cow carcasses ... Yea that was gross, but made the walk interesting.  So today's thing 1. got us out of the house and 2. gave us a purpose.  "Why are we walking?"  "Because we need to find something weird" THEN the hunt was on.  The bug was weird,  the spot on the bridge was weird, a flower growing sideways was weird.  They were looking and paying attention.  SOOOO if you would like to do this (I haven't found any actual caches yet, but WHO doesn't like going to look for things) the website is  Like I said they are ALL OVER THE WORLD! My mom is going to Korea next month and will find several over there.  I'm sure she has some pegged in Germany by my other sister because GOD KNOWS she already has 5 pegged around my house here in Texas LOL That's just around my house ... not counting Austin! HAVE FUN! Especially on those days that you want to get out of the house, but not spend any or much money (there IS membership for $30 a year, but you don't have to do that and you need GPS, but I just uploaded a $10 app onto my iphone).  The challenge I did today was $4 to enter into the park.  Not bad! AND my kids are QUIET and not bugging ME or each other =) HAPPY CACHEING! 

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