Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do YOU have kid who needs an eye patch?

So it's basically $50 a box for those adhesive sparkly, fun eye patches.  I buy 2 at a time.  $100 for eye patches (BTW no sparkle is the same price).  This is my first attempt and she will be wearing this until I can make my true vision which involves body tape ... 

Ok, she's had one like this before that I bought for $15 at the doctors office.  It was felt and had and had a butterfly on it.  I made a felt one also. Here's the blog I got the idea from.  I did do the flower, BUT then I remembered I had some cloth diaper tags and she liked those better.

Ok I just drew around one of the adhesive patches that I find randomly on the floor, stuck on walls, on the flush handle on the toilet.  You know the NORMAL places eye patches should be.  I made it larger though because it needs to form a cup around the eye.  Then I cut a rectangle large enough to be sewn around the lens.  this a tiny rectangle to hold the earpiece.  THEN you need to cut 3 slices.  You should REALLY look at the original blog for the first couple of steps.  

After the main cup is made with ear loop thing.  I didn't hand stitch at all.  I put that square on with a sewing machine making sure to go as CLOSE to the edge of the square as possible.  ONLY on the top and bottom.  Then you slide the glasses in and you have a patch.  The original blog had a flower.  We put the flower on ... Bulky ... cute, but not cute for a 2nd grader.  THEN I remembered I have bought these cloth diapers patches and we happened to have one she liked SO I cut off the bulky flower and hot glued the patch.  Hand stitching for me is always a LAST resort.  I hate it.  Looks cute, but hate doing it.
How I made the template

Sewing the pieces to make the cup

After you sew the ear loop in

How I did the square on the front

the flower

what we ended up doing =)

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