Monday, March 19, 2012

Art into Art

I saw a friend pinned this cute idea.  Kids take PILES of computer paper and scribble all over it throughout their childhood.  Why not take some of the most colorful scribbles and make them into something you can hang in your bathroom above that half table in the hallway? 
What you need - glue
                           "art" from your kids
                            scrapbook paper (I think the original blog had canvas)
My hubs came home tonight so I didn't have time to be super creative with the design I just remember seeing this on the blog so I did something similar.  I just cut tear drops.  Make sure you place them before glueing.  I used the large scrapbook paper and will put it in a frame and put it in their bathroom.  So have fun with this.  I did.  I always feel bad when I come across 10 pieces of scribble paper and end up just throwing it away.  I guess another thing you can do with it is cut the paper into squares and use the clean side and note paper for phone messages or you lists.

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