Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sheep on Mars!

I have been seeing these REALLY cute cupcakes that look like big fat sheep.  With marshmallows and a face.  I decided to that today and HOLY COW (or should I say sheep) was it a little too time consuming.  I made everything (the actual cupcake mix came out of a box lol) 
What you need for the frosting - 4 1/2 cups powdered sugar
                                                    1/2 melted butter
                                                     2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
                                                    6 tablespoons of milk

Here's the link to the fondant to make the sheep faces.  Won't be making fondant again.  I believe you can buy it.  I have not hear great things about the store bought fondant, but I don't eat it anyway.  It's just to make it look pretty in my opinion. OH! I used the brown corn syrup so that my sheep would be a little tannish, but if you used clear I'm sure it would be ok too.
What people were posting about the sheep was not a blog on how to do it it was just a picture of these cupcakes. SOOOoooo what I did was make the faces and set them aside.  My sheep eyes look a little creepy, but that's ok.  I made the cupcakes.  I made the cupcakes more full then they should be because I wanted the sheep to look fat.  I don't know if it really made a different.  While they were baking I made the frosting.  I made sure the cupcakes were TOTALLY cooled off before I started.  Mak found a lemon and lost interest and Madd Hatter just ate the marshmallows and a sheep face.  My recommendation would be to frost one and decorate one and a time.  That way when you stick the mellows on the frosting is still fresh and doesn't have that dry thin layer yet.  I put the face on and then I pulled the mellows in half and then stuck them on.  I pulled them in half to get more sticky so they wouldn't fall off.  
If I was good at the fondant thing I think they would have been SUPER cute, but they just turned out to be cute (without the super).  If you are doing this with your kids.  I suggest that you do EVERYTHING before bringing them to the table.  Maybe have them help with the actual cupcake making.  Send them to nap while you do the fondant and the frosting and cupcake cooling.  That way they don't have to wait.  It took way longer then I thought, BUT I'm not an organized cooker (as my kids call me).

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