Monday, March 26, 2012


I ended up making the end part smaller
by folding in the corners and sewing
I have been seeing a lot of kid headbands on Pinterest.  Also today I went to workout at the YMCA today. No lie, ever 3rd woman that walked in had this simple cloth headband.  I thought I COULD DO THAT!  The only difference I MIGHT do for my next headband would be to make it narrower at the part that attaches to the elastic.
You need fabric (12 1/2 inches by 5 1/2)
                          sewing machine
Ok. I didn't put the length of the elastic because it'a all on how big your head is.  I sewed the elastic on one end and before I finished I "fitted" it to my head to get the length.  Ok the rest of the blog will be photos.

The strip with the elastic on the right hand side

I always have my elastic sticking out a little so it doesn't pull as much I guess

This is finishing up on the other side.  Make sure you do a zig zag stick at the end to hold the elastic holding strong

I zig zagged all around
The finished product.  Again I would narrow the bottom section a bit.  Don't mind the dead LaLa Loopsy in the background LOL

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