Saturday, March 10, 2012


OH MY GAWD! If you want some Slap Yo Mama Good Shrimp!! This is it! Ok, I pinned this when I first got on pinterest, but I was nervous about frying.  I never know is it hot enough? Is it cooked through? I NEVER KNOW.  Plus, I don't have a frier. Here is the recipe -
And here is how I changed it ... I have a family of 5 so 1 lb of shrimp wasn't going to be enough.  I used 1 1/2 lbs and then doubled everything.  EXCEPT I really think the sauce is too much.  I like a THIN (super thin) coat on the shrimp.  I could have kept the sauce recipe the same and even probably halved it.  ALSO, I did NOT like the sauce alone.  I thought "OH GAWD this isn't going to turn out well" It needs to be WITH the shrimp.  
The breading, I do not have garlic powder or onion powder.  I used minced garlic and Onion Onion from Tastefully Simple.  I also didn't add salt.  I never add salt when it's called for.  There's too much put in everyday food as it is no need to add anymore.  
Frying them, I used my dutch oven to fry them.  I DID cool them for the 20 minutes before I fried them and I could see why.  It chilled the breading on there so it didn't fall off in the frier.  Since I do not have a frier I did about 8 shrimp at a time and I stirred them slowly so they didn't stick to the bottom.  
These are good enough to eat without the sauce.  The Madd Hatter didn't want sauce.  These were REALLY good.  I served them with brown rice.  

Side note - As I am writing this my husband is playing fetch with my son.  He's cleaning the kitchen and I see a ball pop out and my son chasing it and then running back.  And then a ball popping out with my son close behind.  I guess that's one way to get him tired. LOL

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